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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

At the Pool

First time this year with daughter at the pool. Our plan this year for the summer is to go at least once a week to the pool as our local pool has a cheap, almost free, rate one day week  [summer is always hard financially for me, this year even more with that final attempt at a sibling].

Last year and the previous year, when we did go to the pool, she would not go into the big pool but rather stayed in the little kids' pool. Which was okay, but don't you want to have fun in the big pool? Mummy would sure rather the big pool, lol.

This year she's been talking about the big pool and if I will allow her etc. I thought we'd be a bit in the big pool but spend most of the time in the little pool. Well we spent the whole time in the big pool! Obviously in the big pool we needed floats. She did wear floats before, but in the little kids' pool it wasn't a necessity and as the pool was so shallow, they didn't really make her float, so today was like it was the first time. She was scared at first and needed me to hold her.

Then, about half a minute after she went in, when she was still clinging to me, she was wondering why she wasn't moving. Oh well.. We also had a float board. She quite quickly got adjusted to it and managed to get around in the pool, saying she was swimming. At that time there was a swimming lessons taking place very near, so I pointed it out. "I don't need swimming lessons", she declared, "I already know how to swim!". okay, lol.

All in all it was a lovely time :-).

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Tiara said...

So glad you're posting again. I love that Butterfly taught herself to swim, lol!