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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I love my daughter very much, but being with her most of the day doing nothing special can be quiet a bore. On a side note I will mention that I am so not looking forward for Hannuka next week as not only will I not be working, but both my mum and sis #3 (and family, both my neighbours) will be away. Eight days of being solo with girl for 24 hours. Anyway, it's hard keeping an infant entertained, and while I do believe with (besides play time) having her join me in the house chores, easier said than done as I can't do much with her on the sling (try washing the dishes with a big bump on your front..).
Well the other day my sister told me about this free class they have for infants at the mall. First time (two weeks ago actually) I went and the two of us had a (somewhat as she was quite shocked) nice time. It was nice getting out and refreshed and nice meeting other mothers with thier babies, although the volumn was so high one can hardly have a conversation, and being a shy one I need a lot of warming up. Not sure if I'll go every week, but I think every other week could be something nice for us to do.

And today.. Well homeschooling is something I want to do, but you know, I have a l-o-n-g time for that. But then I happen to hear of groups that meet and decided to join one in a nearby town. Then I hear the group is for babies and kids up till the age of six! So I won't be the odd one out with a baby, and I won't be too early on the scene. I went along today, and there were quite a few mothers with babies (most first timers like me!), and I so enjoyed myslef! I thought we'd be talking home education, but we new mothers stuck mainly to sleeping and nursing and feeding etc lol. I think it's not so much discuusing issues, more a social outlet, for kids to meet others like them, for mothers to get out a bit from the usuall daily routine. Not sure what happens with the older kids, but hey, have time for that... I will most certainly go again!
So now we have our homeschooling group on Tuesdays, and on every other Thursday the music/movenment class. Life's begining to be a bit more interesting :-).

If only I could solve her sleeping not sleeping issues. Errrrr.....

Sis #3 found a picture of her daughter E. E doesn't look too much like her mother (though I think she does look like her mother when she was a little girl). My daughter also doesn't look like me. Me and sister look quiet alike. That picture? Copy my daugther! If I wouldn't have known better I'd say it's G and not E!

All those spelling mistakes - look at P.S number 1! (and I definitely not going to do anything about them now!)


Paige said...

The new classes sound wonderful. I bet you'll be meeting all kinds of interesting people and have a lot in common.

Shannon said...

The classes sound fantastic! And I love that your little girl looks like your sister. :)

Tiara said...

It's so good you've found some classes for you & your Girl.

I have always looked SO much like my Mom's sister that people have insisted I'm her daughter, lol!

Shannon said...

You know, I totally get the boredom thing. I remember I was soooo excited for spring break (um, like 15 years ago) because I'd promised to watch my baby nephew. And then spring break FINALLY arrived... and I was like, um, what do I do now? He's a baby. He eats, sleeps (if we were lucky), poos and cries... what do you do to make your brain work while watching an infant?!

I think this is why we have tv.

So good to hear all is well. I've missed you!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the boredom....why do you think I spend so much time (and money!) at Target?!? I just need to get out of the house, but then when we get somewhere, Farty starts acting like a child posessed, and I can't wait to get him the hell out of there and go home where no one else can see his antics. I can't win.