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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

walking -- take 2

[was going to write this post earlier today but somehow didn't. went to bed, but felt I (damn that shift button that keeps getting stuck) needed to commemorate, so hopefully I won't be long..]

As I wrote on an earlier post, Butterfly woke up one day and started walking, and I was so glad! I mean she has been crawling for 6 (yes, 6!) months. People tell me how crawling is important and all, and I agree, but well I think she has done more than enough of crawling :-), time to move on. But, hmmm.. next few days she had a high temperature and kind of lost that walking thing.
Added to that the standing from nowhere in the middle of the room, or rather the not standing from nowhere. A friend (who has two kids, the younger being exactly two months older than Butterfly and also an early walker) told me that before they actually walk they do that, get to a standing position without any aid. And then Heather wrote how K practiced getting up from nowhere and from there continued to walking. And besides one and only time (before I announced her walking) I have not seen Butterfly do so. So I thought I thought I had an early walker and well maybe not so.
Anyway she was a few days with a fever and a few more days to recover. Coming back from that, walking did come back, but at a slow pace.
But today, Madam Butterfly woke up and decided it's walking for her! I would say she still feels more confident crawling (have I mentioned doing this for six long months..) but there's something now about walking. I really feel she woke up this morning in a walking mood, and hopefully will be walking solely very soon.
Oh, and if I'm already writing, let me tell you about her look on her face when she's trying to make the decision if to walk or crawl. Too cute that serious face of hers!

As much as I am happy my little baby is growing, I am a little sad. My little baby very soon won't be a baby anymore.. She is growing so fast!

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