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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Where.... How.....

O.K so I won't be writing that breastfeeding post, but I thought I'd share where and/or how I breastfed my little girl in the last 14 months:

  • in the hospital

  • at home (like dah!)

  • on a not so comfortable chair

  • on better chairs

  • on the sofa

  • with a nursing pillow (never got the hang of that!)

  • while sitting up in bed

  • while lying in bed (so much better!)

  • on a rocking chair

  • on the garden swing

  • on the floor

  • on the ground

  • on the playing mat

  • by the computer

  • while daughter is peeing in the bowl at night (we had a time when she completely objected to peeing in the bowl even though she had to go. Breastfeeding her while holding her over the bowl was a life-saver. And yes, it's probably not something I should have done, but well..

  • while mummy is doing what she is doing on the loo (and let me just say, not just peeing....) [out latest addition to the list as I said I won't let her nurse while I'm on the potty, but oh well...]

  • in the bath (together with her in the bath)

  • in the washing basin (she in, me sitting outside and serving her.. [what can I do, had to bribe her to take a bath lol])

  • in the shower - first while sitting on the floor then standing up with me bending over..)

  • in the facility of the swimming pool

  • inside the swimming pool itself

  • at the beach [I think I'd like to add in the sea itself next time I go, lol]

  • at the playground

  • in a library

  • other people's houses

  • while walking (not fun, but sometimes a necessity)

[I wonder what I've forgotten...]

1 comment:

Renee from A Baker's Dozen said...

I've breastfed my 14 month old in most of those place. And in the dental chair as well!