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Friday, 19 October 2012


Next week I am starting my studies. I will be studying two days a week - Monday and Wednesday. These are two full long days in which I won't really be able to work but the more annoying part is that there is one day between them, so it will be waking up very early, then our regular late then very early again. Not sure how that will work out with a little girl.. 

So this coming Monday I am to start my studies! Very excited about that :-). So yes, Monday here you come with my new laptop I bought for the occasion. Or, well.... does the egg retrieval have to fall on Monday?? Yes, missing the first day sucks totally. If it was during the year I would feel much better about it (and probably know someone enough to ask for her notes), but not the first day. I will go to the first lesson and might be back on time for the final lesson, at least something.. [I am thinking if I should say something to the secretary (or whatever her job title is), on one hand they are very friendly and it does look bad not attending the first day. On the other hand, not sure I want to share that I'm undergoing IVF treatments, not for any particular reason besides me being a very shy and private person)].

Now I have to hope that the transfer will NOT be on Wednesday. Please say with me - transfer shall not be on Wednesday! [funny thing, I think it was you Shannon who asked or said something about doing everything in the cycle like the previous one, the one that worked (or was it you Little One, or both of you :-)). Though this cycle we did do things like my successful one, I actually would rather it not be exactly the same [not sure why, maybe the fear of having high expectation as it must work since it did last time, and then having a downfall), Not the same except for the day of the transfer. I had a day 2 transfer back then and would love would have loved to have a day 2 transfer again. But well, missing also Wednesday? Please NOT!

Besides that, as soon as I finish this post, I will be getting into my little chemist position, preparing my Menopur (if you ask me, the worst part is breaking the ampules with the solvent.. I really hate that part!).

EDT - that second ampule just broke into tiny pieces (that's a first!). For fear that some tiny pieces might have fallen inside (and then me injecting them..) I had to break another one. Oh well..


Tiara said...

Very best wishes for your egg retrieval , only sorry you have tom miss your 1st day of classes. Keeping the mantra "no Wednesday transfer" in my head for you :)

MookiePie said...

Good luck on both big life events, retrieval and schooling!!!!
And "no Wednesday transfer" ;)

Little One said...

If you are worried about missing classes, simply say you have a medical procedure that day that cannot be rescheduled. I don't think I even realized you were doing Ivf now. Hoping your ER goes smoothly.