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Thursday, 20 December 2012

quick update

Sorry I wasn't here lately, and so sorry I've again fallen behind on reading blogs. I actually usually even if I don't have time to really read posts at least have a quick glance at them in the reader so I am more or less up to date. This week, not even thato

Anyway, to update you.. After telling me that no embryo developed (how awful was that! to do a cycle and then to have nothing to transfer), the next day there was a late bloomer, so I had the the transfer the next day where I was told there is even another embryo (but it is too small, I don't have hope for that one). I did transfer both yesterday (the small one, in my eyes probably has a better chance to grow in me than to be frozen and then thawed plus I heard once that embryos that don't survive can "feed" the one that does survive).

And now the tww with the analyzing of every twinge... Please think sticky thoughts!


Tiara said...

Good luck & sending sticky thoughts!

Anonymous said...

good luck!

MookiePie said...

Super sticky thoughts!!!
And yay to a chance, when you thought there would be none at all this cycle :)

Kimmyann said...

Good Luck and sending baby dust your way.

Little One said...

Wishing you sticky dust and an easy 2ww.

Shannon said...

Sticky baby dust your way!