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Thursday, 1 May 2008


13 must be a good number! As I mentioned in the previous post, I love this number, I hope it loves me too.. And why am I making such a deal of it?
Well next Thursday & Friday my fertility clinic will be closed due to Independence day. On Saturday it will be closed as everything is here. Then on Monday & Tuesday there's an annual gynecologists conference, and I was told that no gynecologist will be available.
That leaves me only Sunday, which will be the 13th day of my period. I do hope that on that day I will be ovulating or at least just before, so I could be inseminated and not miss this month.


Michal said...

Wow! how nice of them to leave a day in the middle... a bit insensitive to plan a conference right after a vacation and have all gynecologist go there :-/. Some women may miss a whole month because of that.

Do you know that being inseminated a couple of days before ovulating increases the chances for a girl? (male sperms are faster, but less resilient).

And had you waited two more minutes before publishing this post, it would have been published on 13:13 ;-).

Good luck!

(Capthas are really easier!).

Billy said...

You mean if I waited 130 seconds before publishing?

And yes, very annoying!