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Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Dream

I dreamt last night that my sister (sister #5) was pregnant. She and I are the only ones yet to have a family of our own. I often wonder what about her because I know she loves kids and would be a great mum, and I know she does want to be a mother one day. When I told her my plan of becoming a mum through sperm donation, she said that she could not take that path, and that if she felt she was running out of time, she would settle down and have this child with the next bloke she goes out with, i.e she won't fuss about who the guy is but compromise on her list of demands.I do hope that in whatever way she finds right, that she will be a mother one day.
Anyway, back to my dream.. Well we were standing together, sisters #4 (me!), 5 & 6 and talking. I wasn't really paying attention (a day dreamer is always a day dreamer, even at night..) but somehow heard the word pregnant uttered by sister #6, but couldn't hear sister #5's reply.
Later on I realized that sister #6 probably guessed that sister #5 is pregnant, so I asked sister #6 to tell me what was said, but she refused. Only when I whispered - she is pregnant (my mum was around and she obviously wasn't yet informed) did she confirm.
Next I am with sister #5. I don't rememeber where but it was kind of a big place and we weren't sitting together (actually, quite far apart). Anyway I called out - I've heard and she said yeah (or something like that) so I wasn't sure. I asked when and she said in August (so I knew I wasn't mistaken..). I remember that I suddenly realized I should hug her, be more happy for her. I was indeed happy for her, but I was also somewhat jealous..


Michal said...

Of course you were jealous... that's so clear.
And I'm guessing it's the "twin" of sister #5, who is indeed pregnant and due in the summer, who helped the dream weave itself this way.

I liked that you were daydreaming even inside a dream :-)

Billy said...

You know I am so out of focus when it comes to time. Just yesterday somebody wrote (in the other commune..) about her embryos being transfered on Friday and I really couldn't understand why one of the responses was - good luck tomorrow. She said it's on Friday, not tomorrow... So only after you mentioned the summer, did I realize that August is just around the corner.. I believe in the dreams sister #5 was in very early stages of pregnancy.