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Thursday, 8 October 2009


Before I start, just letting you know there will be TMI in this post. Actually, it is the focus of this post, what I am going to talk about. Actually, after writing most of the post, it is worse! Please go away if you don't want to read about, well just go away!

On Saturday, as I mentioned, I had some spotting. It did cause me some worry (especially together with the no symptoms. Wanted to thank you Kate for the link, it helped a lot!), but it was just spotting and I knew it was quite common in early pregnancy. As it seized, I didn't even bother calling the doctor.
Since them I've been cool. Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed and no more spotting! Not one drop of blood. That was till today. Will now continue to mention that the side effect of the Endometrin vaginal tablets I am taking, is that I leak, so when I know I won't be able to change for some time, I use a pad (i.e one for periods). Usually it's more than enough, just a safety precaution. So today, walking in the street I feel a flow. It feels stronger than usual, but I still don't think too much of it. I do my business, then head home, and then again feel a stronger than usual flow. Eventually I manage to take a peek (remember, I was in the street..), and horrified (and very much embarrassed!) to see how my trousers are stained. That much blood. Not spotting anymore but actually bleeding. And yes, was confirmed at home.
But that's not the worst. After giving myself the progesterone tablet, taking out the (applicator?), there was some splutter of blood as can be expected (as I was bleeding not so long before). But then wiping the blood, I come across this piece of flesh. It looks to me like a piece of liver, about 1.5 cm long maybe 0.5 a cm wide and in the shape of a sea horse. Don't think it was my baby (though that was the first thought when I saw it), so maybe a piece of the placenta? And what does that mean? Am I loosing this pregnancy?? Have I already lost it?? Will just add that no symptoms, including no cramps - that's good, isn't it? And yes, I really should have called the doctor on Saturday, as it seems he is out of the country now.

Update (Fri afternoon): After trying a few more times calling the doctor, I called IVF place. I was first told to go to the hospital (woman's ER) as she thought I was still bleeding. Well, good to know for next time..
Anyway I was given this code [as I said in a comment, when phoning I get to an answering machine that requires some kind of code] and got through! Well at first there was a machine, explaining how the doctor is away and giving a name and number of another doctor [actually the one I was thinking of going to originally..] to call in case of an emergency. Hmmm, one should hear this information without the need to enter a code.
Anyway, for our matter - spoke to him. I am to carry on with the progesterone, and then on Sunday do a Beta. For now all I can do is hope for the best (and rest?).


Pepper said...

My guess is that what you saw was a blod clot. I've had those, especially after IVF treatments (and negative betas).

Have you called the Dr. yet???

I can't imagine how scary this must be for you. Sending big hugs your way, hun.

SarahWho said...

Hi honey. I've been so horrible at comments lately. I, too, imagine how nerve-wracking this is. I'm sending you good, solid, sticky thoughts.


Anonymous said...

surely the doctor will have someone else covering his patients for emergencies. Please call. Sending you hugs and good thoughts.

Billy said...

I called but there is this funny answering machine asking for a password. Last time I got that, turned out he was out of the country. [Usually if he or his secretary don't answer, then there's a beeper service].
And no, I do not have any back up doctor to call. Left a message on a fertility medical board (where a dr. answers the questions).
Will try calling again tomorrow morning.

Meg. said...

Oh Billy! How horrifying. =(

I really hope you're able to be seen by a doctor soon.

I'm also hoping that this was nothing more than a blood clot. You're in my thoughts and prayers!


Yikes, that does sound scary! Why doesn't your doctor have a backup number for emergencies? Doesn't he know that we women are crazy when we are pregnant??? I really hope it's just clotting and not a big deal. I have heard of a lot of people who bleed, even full period-like bleeds, when they are pregnant. I'm sending good, sticky thoughts your way, too! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Thinking happy thoughts for you. I hope the spotting is a normal after IVF bleed. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Can you go to an ER/clinic?

Jess said...

Oh no, I am really hoping it's not your baby or the end of your pregnancy! What you saw sounds like a blood clot. The placenta hasn't formed yet so it's not that(that doesn't start to form until 8 weeks I think).

Can you go to the hospital so that they can check HCG levels and maybe give you an u/s and make sure your cervix is closed.

You and your baby will be in my thoughts and prayers hun!!!

Miss X said...

I have no idea. Praying for you & baby.

battynurse said...

crap. I'm sorry. I hope that the next beta gives you good information and that all is ok. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for Sunday.

cmay said...

Bleeding happens often with pregnancy, especially with all the supportive hormones you're taking. There is a good chance your baby is still growing and thriving.
Prayers and hugs to you.

Kate said...

I agree with Pepper, sounds like a clot, not tissue, those are scary and common and scary
and scary
did I mention scary?
I am so sorry you are dealing with this,
and so hopeful it is going to be all blustery scariness but with nothing awful underneath.

thinking of you,


Jo said...

very scary; I agree with the other commentors that there is still a good chance everything is fine...sending lots of good thoughts and hugs your way.

Naomi said...

I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I couldn't believe what I was reading just now...omg! I hope you're okay and that everything's okay. Sending good thoughts and much love your way.

Seed Monkey said...

I am praying for you and baby at this difficult time xx

Jackie said...

Sending positive waves into the universe for you and your little bean.

rachelbk said...

I hope it was just a clot and all is well.