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Saturday, 3 October 2009


or lack of them.

[warning: TMI ahead]

Was going to write this post about being stressed over not having symptoms. Yes, I guess they are not of the kind you want around and I'm sure those on the other end of the spectrum would love to change places with me. But you know what, in my eyes at least they have constant proof they are pregnant.
And maybe I am having some symptoms but not recognizing them as such, like the tired thing you all said was a symptom (though I am probably somewhat more tired than usuall, I am not a high energy person and I do love to sleep), or the diaherria I was having that might have been "my morning sickness".
And then there was Wednesday where I was really feeling yucky (and said to myself - gosh, it started! and 2 more months of this! urg), and Thursday still not quite o.k, but by Friday it was all gone.

So I was going to write this post about how stressfull it is to not really have symptoms (or to have something that quickly fades away), but then I thought - a pregnancy can't just vanish, can it? I mean if something wrong was happening, then I surley I would have these terrible cramps and/or bleeding? Can't be pregnant one day and not the next with nothing "of interest" happening.
Well, that might be a nice thought, but then sitting minding my own buisness, I suddenly had some spotting. It really is not a lot, but it is blood and it is scary. I've been reading enough to know that a little bit of bleeding may occur and is normal (and of course also had to see what my dear friend Google had to say on the matter), but still ..
Think (hope!) it has stopped for now. If it continues and /or gets heavier (right now I really have to "dig in" for the blood. Oh I warned you about the TMI) I'll call the doctor. In the meantime I'll try and be calm about it.

Not on my computer and no speller..


Lollipop Goldstein said...

You warned me about the TMI, so it was fair game.

I know what you mean about the symptoms being a comfort. At least until you can feel movement and have that barometer.

Hang in there, sweetie. And congratulations!

cmay said...

I never had any symtoms of pregnancy and I too has some bleeding in the first trimester. And all turned out OK. Lack of symptoms,although less reassuring on a daily basis, isn't needed for a normal pregnancy.
I would still call the REI office though. Maybe they can run another Quantitative BHCG test...
I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...

My friend who I was an egg donor for had no symptoms until some cravings later on in her twin pregnancy. And she had bleeding around six weeks. Those precious twins just turned eight years old. Hang in there!

Miss X said...

Could it be implantation bleeding? Also, I didn't think most women had symptoms until about 6 weeks along so maybe you'll get lucky and have morning sickness in a few weeks!

Jess said...

I definitely know what you mean about symptoms. I had bad hunger pain, some nausea, and heartburn start around 4 weeks and then they went away completely at 5 weeks. I was so worried for 3 weeks with no symptoms, just the AF cramping. Then at 8 weeks I started getting horrible morning sickness and still have it today. It's all day. You'll probably get symptoms later.
Try and take it easy. :)

rachelbk said...

I had spotting at 5 and 6 weeks, and off and on thru the first 20 weeks of pregnancy with Farty. And you've seen how he's turned out! I am praying for you!

Wishing 4 One said...

Hang in there girl, another 2ww sucks though huh? I agree it seems all IF related things come in 2 week increments, sweet. Thinking of you and waiting to hear the great news!!! xoxoxoxo

battynurse said...

It's almost funny how so many women are so proud of not having any morning sickness or symptoms of pregnancy and yet so many infertiles crave those same symptoms. Yes so many of us do view the symptoms as ongoing proof that it's all well. I hope the spotting is nothing and that you will soon feel more comfortable that all is well.

Kate said...

here's a link that may help:

sensations/symptoms come and go-- all normal.
worrying? maybe even more normal.

hang in there as best you can.
thinking of you,

K said...

Symtpoms are so hard to find when you are looking for them. I hope that a wave of mornig sickness heads your way soon.