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Saturday, 17 October 2009

This is my Sky. She was my companion for about 13 years, and she was such an amazing companion! I got her while I was still living at my parents house, but nevertheless, from the very first moment she knew she was mine. I am still sorry how in one of our first walks I disappointed her - there was this big female dog (I think a bulldog) who stood over her and wouldn't let go, and I was too frightened to do anything.. But she never disappointed me! She was so loving and caring, in fact she helped me not only with Jupiter but also with kittens beforehand, and she even brought home once a stray dog. Probably nothing like your first pet :-). I had to put her to sleep on the seventh of September (2005).

As much as I loved her and as much as she was everything to me, I do believe that all those years with her I was stuck, stayed where I was and didn't really do anything with my life. I had my companion, so why move on!? About a year after her death I started going to therapy with the aim of becoming a mother, and quite soon after I began on my journey towards motherhood.

And now I am almost there :-). And I don't know how I didn't see this before, how it totally escaped me, me who was always looking for signs in the numbers and dates and all, like having an insemination on the 8.8.08 must mean a baby! after all it is a lucky date..
I'm talking here about the retrieval, the day my eggs were withdrawn and met with the sperm, the first day of my future child's life. Don't know how I missed it, but it was on the seventh of September! The same day my dog died, my child was created! I do believe there is something to it and that it's not just plain coincidence.

Another amazing fact: I am a Gemini, Sky was a Gemini, Jupiter is a Gemini and my baby (due 3 days after my 40th birthday!) will most likely be a Gemini! (oh, and might I add that besides my mother and sister, also all my four grandparents were Geminis..)


battynurse said...

She's a beautiful dog. It does sound like that is a special date.

Quiet Dreams said...

You told me before in a comment that my dog looked like your Sky, and I see now how right you are. How amazing the convergence of so much on that date.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you lost your companion. I lost my beloved cat, Eli in September 2007. I had him for 13 years. He saw me through my grandma's death, my divorce, my miscarriages and infertlity treatment. He was the only one I wanted near me when I was feeling despondent and wanted to just give up on life.
He had severe diabetes in the last few years of life. I was giving him insulin shots and testing his sugar twice a day. But when he started having awful seizures, lost 10lbs and lost bowel control, I knew I had to let him go. THe misery and humiliation in his eyes when he had an accident was just too much.
I found out I was pregnant only a few weeks before I had to let him go. I think in my heart that he hung on just long enough to see me through that. And only 2 weeks later, something in me just HAD to go to the humane society. I still had 3 cats at home, but I had this overwhelming need. I took Mordecai home the next day. He is like Eli re-incarnated. Same habits, nearly as large (Eli was around 23lbs at his prime), and exactly what I needed. I know in my heart Eli brought us together,since Mordi's former owners dumped him in the pound when they had a baby.
Mordi is more patient and gentle with Farty than I could ever imagine. He has never scratched or bit, and believe me, Farty has pushed the limits.
Sorry to take up so much space, your post just really touched me.
I just know that you will find the perfect match for you and your baby when the time is right!

cmay said...

Wow. Cool. I believe in looking for and finding "signs" too. Those were a few special dates for you! Must mean something great!