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Friday, 1 January 2010

A Great Day :-)

No, not the year ending thing that's happening tonight (though for the fun of it I think I'll schedule this post to midnight [it's 21:30 now..]). Funny, somebody wrote something about where she was 10 years ago and I was trying to think back where I was 10 years ago, and how I was 20 and how long ago that seems. LOL long ago indeed! [if you don't know, I'll be 40 in a few months... (Which was kind of depressing when I realized how quickly it's approaching. Boy, 40!)]

Anyway.. I have three pairs of training trousers I bought so I can do yoga but which I need to shorten and well unfortunately I don't know to do that (I think I can sew a button, but well... not a nice sight to say the least..). There's sister #6 who knows about sewing and using the sewing machine [and I do have to digress to tell the story of how, when she was in high school and was learning about the sewing machine, she was so excited, she made us all pairs of shorts from....... curtains! Noddy curtains to be exact!! (well actually the material that was used to make those curtains when we were little, but still, almost like from The Sound of Music)]. Anyway she's too busy with her life now. And then there's my mother who offered to trim them for me, but then asked me to cut them to the length I want (and I was skeptical of her sewing abilities even before that!), so nope, I think I'd rather not. So that leaves the local seamstress. Except I am so "good" at putting off things. Manyana. So today I said I really must, but then.. I was so lazy getting out of the house that I thought I wouldn't have time. But I made it! And on the way to pick up my nephew from kindergarten, I even had time to stop by at the green grocer and buy me some fruit - I am so terrible on food lately, if there is a new year's resolution, that's to go back to eating fruit in the morning (over-wise I don't usually eat anything for breakfast), and in general to eat more fruit and vegs. (it's only laziness that prevents me from eating fruit and veg. as I do like them).

And then to finish off today, I got a letter with the results of 2 blood tests I did - 1st was done the day after the NT and the second 10 days ago, both are supposed to forecast the probability of Down Syndrome [and I think I will write about that another day]. One could get results after the first test, but then this lab where I've done it, won't give you a combined statistics. So I prefered the waiting option.
And as for the results.. by age I have a 1:130 chance, which I would say is quiet a bad chance. But when they combined the results of the blood tests I've done (6 tests) and my age, it went up to 1:11000!! Oh, I am so so happy! I was a bit anxious about this test (and was waiting for the new year to get the results), because well I knew age would be a major factor. I know it is only a statistical test, but well.....

21:30 may have been when I started writing this post. But me, jumping around, doing this doing that, it is now way past midnight. I still think I will back-post this post to midnight, just for the fun of it :-).

Oh, and jumping around.. the bit above about the results wasn't the end of the day. Sister #5 came by, and well lately we had some tension going on between us [probably on the background of her feeling currently in lost of direction in life, while me with my pregnancy, with fulfilling my dream (not to mention that she would love to become a mother, though she would rather wait for a partner than go the single route)], and so.. peace was back between the two sisters :-).

Happy New Year !!


Jess said...

That does sound like a good day. I'm glad you and your sister worked it out!!!
and Happy New Years Billie!!!:)
I cant believe you are aleady over 18 weeks. That seemed to go by so fast.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you worked it out with your sister. My brother and I still don't talk, he just can't accept my decision to be a SMC.
18 weeks! That is a nice time in pregnancy, you're 'comfortably pregnant' not too big, hopefully not still getting sick, etc. Enjoy!

battynurse said...

Happy New Year!!! I'm glad it was a great day and I hope there are many more to come.

Quiet Dreams said...

Happy New Year, or Silvester, as they say. ;) I hope this year is full of good things for you.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

BattyNurse said it so well. I hope the rest of your 2010 is just like this great day.