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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Last week, coming to the bus stop and seeing it is full, I stood outside. While I was standing there, I was thinking about what I read about how back problems during pregnancy are due to incorrect posture (and my butt hurting is most likely a back thing) and not sure how I should stand and how I am actually standing, I tried playing around with my posture. Well a woman then came up to me and offered me a seat! Now I am not big or heavy and I can most certainly stand and I was quite embarrassed, but at the same time she also made my day :-).

Well, it took me about two weeks to decide that I can't take it any longer, that I have to do something about this pain in my butt. So today I went to the local GP. Now my doctor is a very sweet and helpful guy, but unfortunately he's on vacation this week so there was this other doctor filling in. And she was so so so unhelpful. First she says something about - oh if it's a minor pain..... Maybe I have taken my time dealing with it, and no doubt there are people out there with worse pains, much much worse, but please do not put words into my mouth. I have never said it was minor. It is there, it is bothering me to walk, to go to yoga, to do things, and last night for a first also to sleep.

Anyway, I tell her that I heard it might be due to expansion of the pelvis, and she goes - who told you so, a gynecologist? So I say no, I just heard there might be a connection to which she dismisses it as nonsense. I don't know if it could be or not and if yes if it's my case or not (though it does sound logical to me), it was more of as what I said came from a layman and not a doctor then it must be rubbish.

So I ask her what can be done. And she says............................nothing! Nothing?! She goes on telling me that since I'm in the last trimester I can't take Advil (a pain killer. I would actually have refused that because it most certainly won't answer the problem) or any other thing and suggested that I heat the place with a hot water bottle (which I do, but I don't think is very helpful). I half mentioned maybe a chiropractor which she "didn't hear" and then asked if maybe an orthopedist might help. No, nothing. I can understand trying this and that and not being successful (though probably highly frustrated), but not trying anything!? Just sit and wait??? Is this modern medicine!?!?

Well, I went today for a weight growth u/s (she's almost 1.5 kg :-)) ) and in the same building they have an alternative medicine centre. They have acupuncture and chiropractic (amongst other things), which are the two I was thinking about, not exactly sure which to prefer [as the site did mention chiropractic being good for pregnancy related back problems, I think I tend to that direction] since I have never done either before, but there's always a first time.. Scheduled a consultation meeting with their doctor tonight, and hopefully s/he'll be able to help me! [obviously it won't be treatment, but I hope s/he'll recommend such and such treatment and that I'll be able to schedule one in the next few days].


Paige said...

Hoping you find some sort of solution for your pain. Dealing with doctors can be so very frustrating.

Wishing 4 One said...

Wow that fill-in doctor sounded like a real winner, oh my. Hopefully you can get some relief, I would say chiropractor, I used to swear by them when I wa sin teh US, they are awesome for so many ailments. I can't believe you're so far along already, man how time flies!

tireegal68 said...

I think you're wise to go to the chiopractor - there is so much that can be done that has nothing to do with western medicine. That doc sucks! If they can't fix it they are arrogant enough to believe no-one can!
Hope the chiropractor can help. I'm betting on it!

battynurse said...

I also would say chiropractor but the acupuncture could help as well. I know chiropractic has helped me a lot in the past.

Quiet Dreams said...

Oh, I hope you feel better really soon! I've always had good experiences with chiropractors AND acupuncturists.

Jess said...

Sorry about the pain! I hope the chiropractor can help!!! 10 more weeks to go. :)


Well, I had a lot of pain in my butt when I was pregnant, too! Mostly when I sat down, though. Apparently (I think), it was because the bones tend to soften a little when you are pregnant. Not sure, but it hurt like hell to sit down. The only think that helped was to sit on a donut or a cushion. But, rest assured, it WILL improve once that baby is out! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that doctor sounds like more of a pain in the butt than what you came in for (sorry, I had to:)

You can get pain from your pelvic bones separating, it happened to me in the last few weeks of pregnancy, but the pain was in the front, and made it excruciating to walk. I had sciatica with my daughter,and that pain ran down my lower back thru my butt and down my leg. It was awful.

Hope you're able to get some relief from a more compassionate provider!