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Friday, 23 April 2010


Timing wise, I think I'm kind of lucky. Actually, I am probably very lucky! I never did or didn't do a treatment because I would deliver at such and such a time because of course one never knows if this will be the cycle that works and whenever child is to be born, I'll deal with it (just get me pregnant). But well, happens that very good timing - I am self employed and as such won't get any maternity leave*. School year ends here at the end of June and resumes on the first of September. So shortly after I am due, there is the summer holiday in which I anyway hardly work** as most kids don't want to continue lessons. So I can have a nice three (give or take) month "maternity leave" before returning full steam to work. And there's my problem.

The first of September. I have to return to work, and what do I do with my girl? Day care is not an option as I start working in the afternoons (there are probably a couple of hours of a lap, but then what do I do after that? Besides, why put her in a daycare that starts early in the morning when I can be with her?!). The other option is some kind of nanny.
At one time there was a thought of me and my sister sharing a nanny, she wants someone to pick up the kids from kindergarten until she returns from work which would mean about a couple of hours of an overlap with nanny watching all three kids. And it really is not such a bad idea, except... For start I am not making a lot of money, so I prefer some young student and not an elderly experienced woman I know she'd like. I also very much DO NOT want my child in front of a TV at least for the first two years of her life, I even took the TV out of my house so it won't happen (and I'm living fine without one :-)). If here or there she gets a glimpse when at other people's house, fair enough, I can't stop the world, but not as a habit, not as an everyday thing [yes girl, a tough world you chose to come to..] and I know that there will be a lot of TV with my sister's kids. If I were the only employer then I could put my foot down and say no TV, but as it's also my sister, and her kids do watch TV, well..
So I want "my own" nanny. Someone young and inexperienced as I would be able to pay less. I actually do prefer someone young and inexperienced [my only concern is baby's neck/head stability, but usually by three months they can hold up their head]. I want someone who will let my kid get dirty and put this or that in her mouth and not tell her all the time don't do this and don't do that. I don't want someone who knows about kids and what you are supposed to do, rather someone who will feel/be free.
But well, kind of awkward hours I have to offer, not really good for students and not exactly full time. So finding someone might not be easy. I did ask my 21 year old niece to ask around her friends, maybe I'll also put a notice at the local high school though I'm not sure I want someone that young..
And then there is the question of hours. The beginning of the school year is usually quite slow, and it takes some time until I have a regular schedule. So do I offer from day one a "full" day or do I say lets flow with it? I am/did have a bad year this year but last year was a good one. Who knows what kind of year next year will be...

And I haven't mentioned cloth diapering. I plan on using mainly prefolds (well actually I do hope to do elementary communication, but don't expect nanny to, and even I probably won't do EC 100% of the time) which are very much like from the "old days" type of nappies. Personally I don't see it as such a bother, but in this fast world, where nappies are very easy put on and then tossed to the bin and that's it... Well I hope whoever I find won't have a problem with that.

So I am somewhat worried about the first of September. I do know I will find some kind of solution, just wish I knew now what/how.

* Well I actually could have if I were up front and paid income tax (shhhhh!)
** And let me tell you, it is really no fun as it means hardly any income.


Paige said...

Hmmm I can see you are thinking through all your worries. Maybe talk to your sister about the younger nanny and no tv idea. See if you can negotiate with her. Sounds like there are a lot of different alternatives. I'm sure you'll find one that suits you.

I really admire that you got rid of your tv. Research I've read says no screen time at all the first few years is best for the developing brain. It would be hard for ME to give up though.

Hera said...

Definitely not an easy thing to figure out. Do you have any agencies you can look at for a nanny? I have been looking that way (just to see costs). Just a thought.
I read up on EC from you mentioning it and it seems really interesting.

Holly said...

I hope you find the perfect helper for your little one in September! I am someone who is ridiculously flexible in jobs like the one you are looking to offer someone and I think you might be surprised to find the perfect person just in time :) Good luck and congrats!

ICLW #107

hopefulcc said...

Child care is definitely one of those topics we all think about-- a lot. All the previous comments had great suggestions. I truly believe the right person will come into your life at just the right time.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the last month of your pregnancy!

Wifey said...

I hope you find the perfect set of helping hands for your little bundle of joy on the way. That can be such a difficult undertaking. Best of wishes on the last stretch!

Anonymous said...

Lots of luck as you enter the last part of your pregnancy!! I'm planning to cd, too...but haven't delved into the details yet. It can be a smidge overwhelming!

Happy ICLW!

MommieV said...

I thought my mom would have a hard time getting the hang of prefolds and she loves them. I thought I'd have a hard time finding a daycare that does cloth diapers, and ours does. So hopefully you will find a nanny that fits all your expectations - including that one. They're not that hard to get the hang of.

There are a number of medical authorities that recommend the "no tv" policy. The American Academy of Pediatrics is one. They have an information sheet on their website that talks about the developmental risks when children under two watch too much tv. One reason they site is that the child will not spend as much quality time interacting with the caregiver, which is crucial for proper brain development. I like Paige's suggestion about talking to your sis and trying to negotiate. If you show her some information and say "this is what I'm concerned about", maybe you can help educate her.

You're paying the nanny for quality interaction with your children, so it makes sense you would want to say no tv.

Good luck sorting it all out!

Quiet Dreams said...

Good luck with the nanny search. I think you are right on about the TV situation. :)

Tiara said...

I totally agree with your "No TV" policy & plan to implement it myself...even though I'm a HUGE TV-aholic :)

Karen E. Martin said...

If you have a spare room in your home, you might consider recruiting a college kid as a roommate (maybe even one studying Early Childhood Education). In exchange for free/reduced rent, you could ask for so many hours per week of childcare.