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Friday, 28 May 2010

40 (part I)

Today I've turned 40 :-). At 12:00 (noon) I have lived on this planet for 40 odd years - about half a life time :-). I do thank you girl for not showing up today (yes, the day's not yet over, but I doubt if she suddenly will be coming). I wouldn't want to share birthdays, let her have her day and I my day..

To celebrate my birthday, I went to a La Leche League meeting (just happened that the one in a nearby town holds these meetings every last Friday of the month and I just missed the previous one..). I thought I was going to hear a lecture, but it was really nice - we sat around and introduced ourselves (most were mothers) and asked questions, advice regarding breastfeeding. Good to hear from other people's experience what not, what yes, etc. And I liked that the counselors were open about using formula if necessary (I kind of expected a no way attitude. EDT I thought they'd be fanatic about breastfeeding, but they didn't seem so). It was a small group and a very friendly atmosphere. I think I'll make it a habit of going to these meetings :-).

Later on, when my family will come over to celebrate, I am planning on telling them her name. I try everyday to tell her her name, sometimes with an explanation, sometimes just singing it to her, but except for two other people with whom I consulted, nobody else knows her name. I didn't want to tell people her name too early, so that they won't try and pressure me to change it (you know, someone will always think it's not a good name..), and then I felt my house had to be much more prepared for her arrival before I could disclose her name. On the other hand, I do want to do so before she is born, when I can tell them all at the same time, and when I can also explain her name (thank you again girl for not showing up too early :-)). So, while my house is not 100% ready, it is very much ready, and I my birthday will be a good opportunity to tell :-).

And talking about celebrating, I was thinking if I want some kind of party for girl after she's born [we don't do showers here before the birth..] or not. Well, not so much if I want, because I do. I would like to since as a single mother, I didn't have my day getting married, so at least I'll have my day showing off my girl. But also because I don't want to feel like this girl is something to be ashamed of, as because she doesn't have a daddy I/she don't/doesn't deserve to celebrate her birth. But it also felt like I'd be asking too much from my parents who have already done a lot to help out. Well, talking about someone's else baby girl party, my mum asked if I'd also like to do something.. So I think around August :-).

And if I'm going back to house being prepared, then last night, I finally got round to sorting baby's clothes. Not so easy.. I started by putting them into piles I labeled - NB, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, etc. But then some clothes just said 6 months, so in what pile do I put them? Others said 6-9 months. Still others were labeled differently - size 1, 0 etc. And others had no label or a label that was faded, and I have NO IDEA.. O.k so I'll need help with the [big] question mark pile. Funny thing, I was looking at the NB pile, and they all seemed to have short sleeves. Now as much as it is summer and hot and all, I do understand that I need to dress her in two! long sleeves layers, so I couldn't understand how they are all with short sleeves. That was until I figured, those are long sleeves, I guess their arms are just short.. lol.
This weekend I plan on starting to wash them!

And talking about washing and preparing, I think my hospital bag, while things are not yet in the bag, is almost ready with the things to go in mostly ready or near ready. I think I am mentally ready (or nearing ready) to end pregnancy and start parenthood :-).

Thanks to Calliope, I finally got my three column blog that I wanted!

I am so sorry that I am so behind on blog reading.

EDT (between making a cake and teaching and coming and going didn't really proof read, and too many mistakes!). Well they all loved her first name :-). I was sure I'd get comments regarding this name. I did get a comment about her second name, more about how I'm going to spell it in Hebrew because of the meaning, but that is why I am spelling it like that!

Edited again to add.. well above was before talking to brother, lol! My very old fashioned narrow minded brother, the one who didn't understand why I have to go the sperm donor route and not the "normal" find a guy get married route, the one who doesn't understand my not wanting an epidural ("why suffer?" he asks. I do not see it as suffering, on the contrary!), the one who doesn't understand why I would want to use cloth diapers ("do you know how many you have to wash a day?". If I told him I'm planning EC he would have completly freaked out..), the one who had something to say about her name.. I'm smiling as I write this, I'm really not bothered by those opinions of his.


Paige said...

Happy Birthday, Billie! The rage here is a party for baby called a Sip And See. Cocktails and show off baby. I definately think you should have a big celebration, you have a lot to be proud of.

Sarah Who? said...

I hope that 40 brings you the most wonderful years to come. Enjoy this day, my friend. I agree--birthdays are our one special day to celebrate ourselves. I would not want to share mine either. :) Looking forward to pictures of your beautiful baby girl when she debuts.

Tiara said...

Happy Birthday, Billie!!!!

Hera said...

Happy Birthday!!!

MommieV said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you got to celebrate her name.

I had the same problem with sorting clothes. I got a bunch from a cousin and I was sorting them to put in plastic totes so when she got into a bigger size I could just wash the clothes in the next tote that is the next size. I labeled the totes with the size ranges 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc. So a shirt that said 6-9 months would go in that tote. The ones only labeled with one month were more challenging. I decided to be consistent and put them in the tote where that month was the ending size. Like, a 6-month shirt would go in 3-6 months. I thought that if I put it in the 6-9 month tote, she might be too big for it when I finally got to that tote, or I might have "lost" some wearing time. By putting it in the "earlier" tote, that wouldn't happen.

Different brands run small or run big, so when we move up to a new tote, if there are things that are still big, I just throw them in the next tote.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday Billy!!! :)

Wishing 4 One said...

Yeah for 40, Happy Bday girl! I have thought a few times about clothes, haven't bought any yet, but I am unsure how to go about organizing and how to even start buying! Hapyp bday again my friend. xoxo

battynurse said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it was all a great day and many more to come with your little girl soon.

Jackie said...

Happy Happy Birthday, to you! Seems May is one fabulous month for birthdays as mine was May 20 and the little one was May 25 :) I hope you had a fabulous day, and certainly this will be one year to remember!!!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Happy birthday! I hope it was a wonderful day.

Little One said...

Happy Birthday, Billy! I'm so excited for the announcement of your new baby girl!

mybumpyjourney said...

Happy Birthday!!!!