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Monday, 17 May 2010

This and That

If you remember, I started going to shiatsu for the back pain I was suffering from. Never doing this before, I didn't really know what to expect. Well, that first treatment was painful, but it did do the trick - my back pain was gone! The sessions after that were with a different therapist (the same different therapist) and were always so pleasant. I kept wondering if that first treeatment hurt because of the therapist's style or because it was a first treatment, working on taking the pain away (while the others are more to maintain). Well, this week I got my answer.. My session yesterday was with the first therapist, and she hurts! I was releaved when it was over.. But again, she did take that horrible back pain away.

As for my to do list - it's been very hectic latley with getting things done. Most of the things on the list are either done or in the process of getting done. One of the things on my list was to make my shower bigger. Everybody has been trying to tell me to have a bath instead or at least half a tub. Hinting how poor my kid will be without being able to splash in a bath. Well besides not really having room (a bath might fit in, but then I would have to have the shower in the bath which I hate and there probably won't be room for a washing machine. A half tub would mean a very crowded room), I don't like the idea and I do like the idea of a bigger shower space. And you know what - who said she won't enjoy the shower (when she is too big for the baby bath)? Why is it assumed that she can't have fun? I think it can be made into a different sort of fun. I will just say that (although it is not yet finished and I haven't yet showered in it), I am pleased!
And yes, am so happy things are moving along and getting done :-).

And now there is the question of the baby bath. Do I have the regular one that stands on feet or an air filled one (which is usually put in the bath). I do have (now :-)) room in my shower for either. With the second I can wash her while sitting on a low stool, so it's not a problem of bending over, more of which is more convenient. O.K, something to investigat..

Been to the dr. today. Well the good news is that I am 30% efface and have a 1.5 cm opening! Kind of excited to think that it has started!! I know it is something that can (and I am sure will) take weeks, but hey, she and my body are getting ready.. He also wrote "head 5" which I have no idea what it means. Anybody?

He told me it was our last meeting, and that on my EDD, if I haven't given birth by then, I should go to the hospital where I am planning on delivering to join all the other misreables for excess preganancy tracking (is that how you say it in English?). Misreable. Hmmm, I am mostly very much enjoying my pregnancy (sorry Paige). I believe she will be born when the time is right and I am not looking forward to ending this (I mean I will be happy and all when she is born, doesn't mean the now is bad). Tried telling him how the E in EDD stand for Estimated (same in Hebrew) and that as for as I know, most first pregnancies take longer. I hate reading in the pregnancy forum how women act like it's the end of the world if the due date is approaching and they haven't yet given birth. And maybe I am lucky in how I can and am enjoying this time, but I'm sure it's also because of doctors like him that treat that date as an end date, as a date that mustn't be passed.

But the more annoying part came when I told him I do not want to have a weight estimate. I did have one at 29 weeks where she was average and I do not want to know more than that. Besides not wanting to fear cesearian because of weight (and I do believe that unless I have a giant in there, which I don't, a big baby is no reason for a c-section), I do not want to fear birth because I know my baby is a big one, or thinking I will fly through because she is small only to be suprised by the pains. No, I prefer not knowing. So he goes on about how wrong it is not to know, and maybe I should just asked not to be told. That is completly not a possibility as besides defying not wanting it to be an "excuse" for a c-section, does he really think I can have a test done and not look at the result, not know? He talked about my pecularities, and then tried to make me feel guilty by saying how it is best for baby for doctors to know her weight. O.K, mother protection mode in full force. I do believe in my instincts in general and in my mother instinct here. I know she is fine, and no need to have a test that I feel will do me (and her, because if I will be tense at birth, so will she suffer from a longer and more agonizing birth) harm, just to show the doctors. No, doctors aren't gods (as he probably thinks..) and mothers do know best (and I can add that this is the same doctor that when I told him about my back pain, said there's nothing to do. never thought of saying anything about alternative medicine..).

And lastly GBS. He took a GBS culture and told me to hand it in at my local lab. He then realised the labs are already closed, so told me to hand it in tomorrow. Only upon leaving did I realize that the labs will be closed Tue-Wed (due to a holiday). So, hmmm... does it keep that long? do I keep it in the fridge or what!?

Not at my computer and no speller here, so pleased mind my mistakes.



Ooooohhhhh! Two more weeks! I'm so excited for you!!! And your baby will be fine with or without a tub. Hmmmm...maybe when she grows out of the baby basin, she'll never bathe again if there is no tub? Or she will be mentally scarred so badly that she will hate showers for the rest of her life? No, I think she'll be just fine!

Interesting how you have to check in on your due date whether you are having contractions or not. My first one was an emergency C-section and my second was a planned C, so I have no idea how many miserables you'll be housed with!

I wonder if your shiatsu master #1 is better or worse than the other one you had? Does pain equal gain in this case? Or just pain where you could have had the same gain with no pain? hmmmmmm.....

Paige said...

Hey I'm happy you're having a joyful pregnancy and you should enjoy every minute of it. I'm out of the tearful stage..guess it was the drugs that are now gone. You're making the right decisions for your baby. Mothers DO know best so stick to your guns. Can't believe she's so close to coming.

MommieV said...

I wouldn't think you need to keep the test in the fridge. That will slow the growth of the bacteria, but if they are there, they will grow when they do the test, so either should be fine.

I agree with you about going with your gut on not wanting to know the weight. 5 days before my c-section her weight was estimated at 6 pounds 7 ounces. Since I was putting on alot of weight that last week they thought she might be bigger. When they weighed her in the surgical suite and called out "5 pounds 13 ounces" I was shocked. They had me expecting an almost 7 pound baby - I wouldn't have been so shocked - and worried - if I hadn't had that expectation beforehand.

So glad that it's coming close for you. Good Luck!!

Rachael L said...

If I remember right, the "head 5" has to do with the position of the baby's head within the lower part of your uterus-when you are about to deliver the # would be closer to 1 or 0 I think.

Tiara said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns! And don't worry about the tub thing, my nephews got both & preferred being showered.

KitchenCathi said...

Pfft, doctors don't know anything. Some of them still use leeches. LEECHES!! I have never heard of one being accurate with weight, and they gave me a thousand heart attacks over Jellybean (and were at least 2 lbs off). So I agree - good for you!

I will say that JR HATES the shower. Hates. Always has, no matter how happy and pleasant I've tried to make it. And it is HARD showering holding a slippery chubby baby. That being said, I hate a combined shower/tub more than anything in the whole world, so I hear you!
Maybe you can get one of those waterproof thingies to wear her in the shower? :-)

SO excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

I hope things go just the way you want them to, and you aren't bullied into anything you're not comfortable with. But I highly doubt you'd let that happen anyway:)
You're definitely in the home stretch now. Enjoy these last days of quiet and reflection.

Karen E. Martin said...

Wow, any time now...you must be so excited! Interesting to read about your not wanting to know the baby weight. Part of the reason my sister had a c-section was because the baby was huge (born at 9 lb 13 oz), but she'd also already had one c-section, so that rather narrowed her options anyway.

Good luck with the birth! :D