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Friday, 23 July 2010

Growing Spurts

Growing spurts.. who needs them?? At least she's now asleep after a very long and tiring morning (but guess who can't sleep..). But the constant feeding... and nice how all where I read they mention that it is (in addition of course to gaining more calories) for mother to increase her milk. Thank you but my milk will not increase if I do not have any time to express (and not that before I had loads of time with the girl who is done with 15-20 minute naps during the day), and if I am beyond tired. Oh, well, at least I expect a giant lying in the cradle, instead of my little girl, when she wakes! And guess if sleep is eluding me, then expressing it should be.

Remember I mentioned how she sleeps 6 hours at night? Jinxed that! We're now down to 4. But still, there is some sleep going on, and I am a night owl so the nights are much easier for me. It's the mornings that are the bad.

Should add all these fun things she is now doing! Like following with her eyes, and smiling to my voice, and mabye not yet real cooing, but kind of bubbling. :-))

I guess I need it! Though am tired as I hardly had a chance to sleep, young lady (after the hard morning) slept and slept and slept! But at least I'm tured now and not exhausted.


caitsmom said...

OK, I've got no clever comment, just letting you know I stopped by : )

Tiara said...

Oh the elusive sleep! Take it easy, aside from being tired it sounds like you're doing great!

Shannon said...

It's amazing how fast they change when they're that young. Speaking of which, we might be due for a little pic spam, if you're up for sharing!

I hope you get some sleep!

Navigating The Rapids said...

Oh it's all coming back to me now. I was lucky a friend of mine would come by once or twice a week. I don't know if you have anyone who could help you out, but one 6 hour stretch kept me sane for at least two to three days. Lu fed every 4 hours to bring up her weight and I was still pumping. So I sympathize. Hang in there.

Paige said...

Hang in there, hang in there!!!
Love how you're cherishing the good stuff too!

battynurse said...

Hope you get some sleep soon.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how we survive on so little sleep in the early months. Hope the 6-hour stretches return soon!

Hera said...

She's beautiful and you're doing a great job! Sleep will come some day, maybe when she's 10! :-)