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Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Smile & a Tear

I'll start with the big smile I had on my face when I saw a parcel from Paige, and oh my! What a beautiful quilt! Handmade by her mother!
My daughter is so lucky to have such bloggy friends!

And now the tear. Not mine, my little girl's. Her first! and caught on camera. Well not exactly..

Noticing the tear I asked sister #5 to capture it. Seeing how she was not as close as I would have liked, I mentioned so to her, but she just said yeah, it's o.k. Hmmm... not really. These are the ones she took. While I think they are good pictures and I do like them, they are not of my girl's first tear :-(.

So I grabed my camera and tried doing it myself (I was feeding her at the time), but alas, the tear has more or less dried out. Maybe I'll be successful with tear number two..
And just because the previous day she failed holding her head up at her 6 week development check-up (but passed with flying colours smiling and following with eyes!) :


Miss X said...

She is so precious!

Tiara said...

What a beautiful quilt!

Love they pics of your girl! thanks for sharing

Paige said...

I just showed my Mom this post and she was so tickled! She's been bragging to all her quilting friends that one of her quilts has gone across the world. Enjoy!

MookiePie said...

6 weeks! Surely that MUST be a misprint! I know that when I read others blogs when they are pregnant, the pregnancies seem to fly by (though I'm sure it's not the case for the moms.) I really hope this time is not flying by for you either. What a sweet little girl and cool quilt!

Jackie said...

Beautiful quilt for a sweet girl :)