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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Thank you all!
I am much better, and more importantly baby is/will be (and yes, there is a lactgation consultant). Don't know now if the breastfeeding thing will work out or not, but I think [after probably starving my kid by trying only breast and no formula. Seems what I thought was good (being all day on my breasts) was bad, as she was trying and trying and not getting any/much. (and not that the days before I was giving her the formula after every meal)] that I can be o.k with feeding being mainly bottle and breast more for comfort.
Funny thing, I woke to feed her at 2 am and I saw a small wet patch on my nightie at my right nipple. And from then on, I was leeking and leeking and leeking! Mainly from that side (nightie on that side very much wet..) but also a bit on the other side (and it includes before and after giving her that side). It was wow and yay :-). While I think I did have some sort of leekage before, never like this.

On a side note - she probably doesn't deserve it, but just to correct the wrong impression I may have made - those things weren't said recentally, more over a year ago [in fact the date daughter was born was the date that whatever we (me and stalker) had, ended. Ironic, as I said..]


battynurse said...

Glad you're doing ok and hope that things start to pick up with the breast feeding.

Tiara said...

I'm so glad you're doing better, Billy. You are a fantastic mother & deserve to be one every bit as much as anyone else!

Meg said...

Wow and yay is right!

Glad to hear that you are feeling better

MookiePie said...

I'm glad that you will be okay with however you will nutritionally be providing for your little girl. She's lucky to have a mama like you!
And thanks for making a side note of crazy stalker, cause I was thinking originally--what is ironic about little girl's birthday? But now it does seem ironic with the explanation.
Hope you have a wonderful day spent with your precious little one!

Dora said...

Glad things are going better. The beginning is just SO HARD! You are doing great. You're an awesome mom!

If the stalker is who I think it is, you know my feelings about her. I think you're absolutely entitle to say, "I did it, and it's going to be great!" I'm so glad she's history.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're approaching it all with an open mind. Believe it or not, things do get easier. There will always be ups and downs, but you'll soon fall into a routine that works for you both.

MommieV said...

Oh, I remember the night leaking! I like the idea of nursing for comfort and making sure her nutrient needs are met too.

I'm so impressed that you're writing and commenting ... I took a hiatus from the internet for what felt like the whole first three months.

Keep up the good work Mama!