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Saturday, 2 June 2012

12 Months 12 Challenges - June

Ooooo June is OUR month! We [are having a very bad night, waking up every quarter an hour or so] are just two weeks shy of our second birthday!!!
I ordered Butterfly's present on my birthday (because how fun it is to do that, and three weeks prior to her birthday seems reasonable) and surprisingly it got here today. Well I'm actually getting her three things - a playmobile (one of the simple ones, so that in a year or two when she can play with it, she'll already have some); something small(ish..) for her to open in bed in the morning of her birthday and the big one, a balance bike (balance bikes, if you don't know, are bikes with no pedals). So today we got the bike and I assembled it /icon of proud mama, although it really wasn't hard../ and then called Butterfly to try them. And.. Now let me tell you that the site (from which I bought the bike) did mention a number, 37 centimeters the height of the chair but it also mentioned it;s good from 2 years plus. Now my daughter she is very very tall for her age [a week ago, which is three weeks before her second birthday, which is when if you double the height you get the estimated adult height, she was 90 cm. that would make her 1.80 m. in adulthood which in feet (oh, I know that one lol) is six!]. So as she is a tall two year old, I didn't bother measuring her legs. Well, a big bummer as the bike is too high for her. She's shy of about 5 cm to reach the ground (and actually should be a bit more as her legs should be a bit bent, but at least let her get to the floor). I suppose a shoe would give another centimeter, but how fast can she grow those extra four?? /icon of a disappointed mother/

[must have been the heat. I've increased the fan speed and, touch wood, she's still sleeping. oh the sticky hot summer. is there any room down under? I think Australia also has hot summers, and I've always fancied New Zealand, so, okay wake up! you have a blog post to finish, some posts to read yourself, a house to tend to blah blah blah] I would also like to give a little update on the toilet training situation. I reckon she is 93.2% toilet trained. As for number two, she is long since "trained", going to the potty/toilet to do her stuff. It's the pee that's been a problem. Well we are now much better on that front, much much better. She now also goes to the potty/toilet for pee (but not always). I am not liking how the nanny is dealing with it [she forces her to go and I am so against forcing my daughter. if she says no, then it's a no. And once Butterfly does something in the potty, the nanny does a very big circus clapping and cheering (I don't like making a fuss of something so natural. besides I want it to be from her own will and not due to outside motivation] and just hope we can say 100% soon. (and please before that second birthday :-) )

As for this month's challenge - I would really love to arrange and put stuff in tab on the top. [nope. damn. her she's calling me again. I really don't know what's bothering her. I'll finish this post and join her to bed. urg. ]. Tabs (that's where I was). I've been wanting for quite some time to do something (okay and will admit that wanted for a long time to delete existing tab [and started to delete stuff on that tab] as I opened a photographing blog [not that I post there, but still] and haven't yet done so when Tiara you commented [thanks!] which means that I can't delete that tab, lol.. So I'm hoping very much this month to add some tabs to my blog. (only please, not more nights like this one. I'm thinking maybe a growth spurt?!? [I think she heard me request her to grow 5cm  more for the bike]).


Little One said...

I think she's going to have a wonderful birthday. Are you tall as well?

Laraf123 said...

LoL, Growth spurts have their up and down sides! I agree with you about not making a big deal about going potty. Now, I'm no expert in that area, believe me--but it just doesn't seem right to make a huge deal (or give material rewards) for natural elimination. Of course, I couldn't train my older son (the sitter did) and my younger son is not yet trained...UGH---who knew this would be so hard!

Hope your daughter has a wonderful 2nd birthday!

Billy said...

The strange thing is I am quite SHORT!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing some pics from her birthday and some of her on the balance bike. I was just reading an article on balance bikes recently. I wonder if they have them for adults (haven't been on a bike is about 15 to 18 years).

Tiara said...

What a lucky girl to get a balance bike...it'd just heard about them recently & think they're a great idea!! I'll always remember Butterfly's birthday because it is the same day I had my IUI that got me my Elena :) good luck with the potty, I hope she goes 100% soon!

Luna said...

Balance bikes rock. I used to recommend them to the parents in my Kindergarten. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is very nice to cyber-meet you.