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Friday, 8 June 2012


Was going to title this post 98% or 99.9% or 98.23% (because who wants to jinx things?) but you know what? She is 100% toilet trained!!! It was a very long process and a very short one. But we are there now :-). And yes, while this post is an all-sorts and nothing much for me to say on the subject, my daughter's pee still deserves the title!

Many many years ago when I was just beginning to go out into the real world I talked to everyone about how with the money I am now earning (I did do babysitting as a teenager, but that was peanuts :-)) I will buy a second hand bicycle. And I was so excited about it! Then one day it's my birthday and I'm surprised with a bicycle. The look on my face.. I was so so so disappointed. Apparently they  they heard I wanted a bike. They didn't hear that I wanted to get myself a bike, that I wanted to find a decent second hand one, that I wanted to buy it. Well something similar happened this birthday. Fortunately I managed to fix it.

Butterfly is becoming much more sociable! There's this playground with stay at home mum's and kids her age I like going to. Most of the  apparatuses(?) are in the sun but where we sit it's nice and shady. Sometimes one of the women brings papers and paint for the kids to draw, but mainly it's just about being sociable. (though will add that lately there are less women there - maybe we just miss them or maybe they found some other place). Anyway, when I go to a playground with Butterfly (not just the above), Butterfly will go "talking" to whatever kid in Gibberish, while pointing high up. I have no idea what she wants (and I am mostly not exactly next to her), but it's kind of funny watching the other kids reaction..And today with her cousin E (3.5), they were actually communicating kind of playing together which is very new!
Now that she is toilet trained I am hoping to find (homeschooling or other) groups to join!

We're soon going to the sea to celebrate my nephew's birthday, which is a last minute change of plan, which also means I'll have to wake Butterfly up from her late afternoon nap. I hate waking her up.

I will end with a positive update - I managed to get my endocrinology's appointment earlier (mid July)! [that and I suddenly remembered they also asked me to do an HSG  so now I have time to get that done and then the endo and then I'm ready to start :-)].


Little One said...

Hooray for toilet training! I'm so glad your appointment was moved up....less waiting in the long wait of fertility!

Tiara said...

Yeah Butterfly!!!! Toilet trained! Huge accomplishment ...glad to hear your appt is sooner!

Laraf123 said...

Congratulations on the toilet training! That's a huge compiment (take it from me--I live in a house filled with potty slackers!)

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