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Saturday, 16 June 2012

!! TWO !!

Did you realize that my daughter has just doubled her life, going from 1 to 2? LOL. Scheduling this post as I want to dedicate the day for her :-).

Two. How amazing is that? I mean only yesterday you were born. But then I look at pictures of you when you were a baby, and oh my! that was a long long time ago! Surly more than two :-).
You are a very very clever girl, amaze me how quick you pick up things. You have a very clear idea of how things should be done. More so, who should be doing it. For example, when the nanny comes while I'm trying to dress you, it is now nanny's turn and only she may dress you! And I am told that in their house if one says that s/he's going to feed you or take you for a walk or whatever, then you will only allow that person to do so!

You are very curious about the world around you. Experimenting the WHOLE TIME. And you are very adventurous but also careful. But well, you are also very mischievous, Dennis the Menace :)). And that grin of yours when you're doing something "naughty" :-). Socialization is also beginning to be more important in your life, and you love watching other kids play and copying them. The other day you learned to spin round and round by watching another kid do so, and you are like to practice. You also love running around an object in circles, you just run and run and run :-).
You also most certainly have a mind of your own. But dear girl, you have always had one, so.. hmmm.. why the terrible twos?? You will pull me or my shirt if you want something/want me to come, and I will add that you are very strong, and that not always it is possible (or I don't always want) to give you what you want.But you understand pretty quick that I am more stubborn head that you, lol.
You are very generous, you will take out two plums from the bag (for example) and hand one to me (but then you don't really like if I decide not to eat it. lol..). You really love your cousin A [and today you finally pronounced his name fully to the end!] and love helping Savta* take care of him. And you are so not jealous when I help Savta take car of him. You will be a great big sister one day!!
Brushing teeth is still something you hate. Not sure to say if we are making progress or not but I found something that (mostly, ouch when it doesn't!) works for me. I take one of your socks, wet it and put a bit of toothpaste on the tip. Now comes the tricky part - trying to hold you down while keeping the toothpaste on the sock. And yes, even with this method I have to hold you down :-(. Anyway I then rub your teeth while you cry/try and protest. Luckily you don't usually try and bite me.. [I am also trying to write a little personalized book for you so you understand the importance]
You are still very much behind on your talking [we haven't really had another two word phrase since that more ze a month ago (that is you say more ze all the time, and sometimes, though quite rarely, more something else but nothing more)]. Anyway, it will come. I am sure :-).

*Butterfly's grandmother who sometimes takes care of the baby while sister does this or that. 

Blogger - I am starting to like, even very like, the new you (well at least with writing posts with pictures and all, so much easier!)

The green in the pictures - sometime ago I played around with my camera, trying to learn, and well I'm not sure what I did.


Gille said...

Happy birthday! Big girl! I can't believe it. Time is flying. She is adorable and looks so sweet with the baby. My mom calls J Dennis the menace too. Too funny!

St Elsewhere said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Butterfly! Many blessings your way.

I don't know how you did that, but several photo editors can add that green tint to the pictures....Picasa 3.0 can atleast!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Butterfly!

I can't believe she's 2 already! She's just beautiful. As for the pictures, I bet you changed the white balance setting - switch it back to auto and the green tint should go away. :)

Little One said...

Happy Birthday, Butterfly! What a special post to remember her in this "snapshot" in time. She's lovely!

Tiara said...

Happy Birthday Butterfly!!! I can't believe you're 2 already! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Billy said...

Thank you so much!!

As for the camera - I do know it was a filter thing I was playing around with, I just don't remember how I got to it..

Meg said...

Happy Birthday!

tireegal68 said...

Happy Two, butterfly!! What a fun post! It's amazing how big our littles are! Congratulations, mama!