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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


  • I have these moments when I fear what will happen with Butterfly if something were to happen to me. You know, being her only parent. (mum promised me she will remain in the family!). And then the other day I had an opposite moment. I am the sole parent of this wonderful girl, I have her all to myself. No body to share the parenthood with, nobody to "go halfs" with. She is just wonderfully fully, completely, absolutely mine!
  • [While I'm typing someone is picking up my shirt searching.. I know they are here somewhere! (oh, and just for the record, same someone just bit me again while nursing, which is why I went away to the computer. hmmm was?? is! my waist..)]
  • Our (well her) first sick. A little vomit and two days after the diarrhea. Yes, unsurprising the exact same time as the emergence of those top teeth. Not nice watching your kid not being well and not able to do much to help.

  • Does new teeth necessary mean biting?? There were a few bitings when she first got her bottom teeth. Nothing since. And now, about two months later with the top teeth coming she's biting again.. She bites, I call out in pain while pulling out my breast and she just laughs. More so she gets this big grin on her mouth (while nursing) and I know she's about to bite.. Of course I tell her no biting and stop nursing. This is just new from last the other night. I hope it doesn't last..
  • moments of sleep.. One benefit of bed sharing is the synchronising of the sleep/wake thing that happens, we both get to wake up together. Great when she wakes to nurse, and before she cries (making going back to sleep so much harder) my breast is already there for her(unfortunately many nights I am too tired to remember it's probably time to pee). Not so great last night when she wakes, she's uneasy [still not too well. those damn teeth.. she has four popping together, two popped, two more to go for now] finally goes to sleep. While nursing her I also drift into sleep, but not in a preferred position. Then I wake, glad to see she's asleep, and role over. Only that synchronising thing, she also wakes and so on and on and on. [I knew she had a poop bothering her and tried putting her a few times over the bowl but she only peed. Only come morning did she go]

  • We changed clocks last night. Weird how my watch will now be accurate :-D [I love summer time and refuse to let go, so all year round my watch is on summer time].

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    Shannon said...

    Yay for a post from Billy!

    Those teeth sound painful - ouch!