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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Happy Period Day :-)

Usually speaking I quite hate my periods. I can't really think of a good reason to hate them since they are usually very easy going. I have always had a regular period ever since I can remember. I remember when I just got my period, and sister #3 explained that at first it isn't so regular, and she gave herself as an example - how her second period was about four months after the first etc, and that with time it will become regular. Well, as far as I can recall, I always had regular periods. Besides, I never took BCP* [never needed to )-:] and never missed a month. Not only that, my periods usually last three days, when only the first day is somewhat painful. Not the most convenient but not something that will persuade me to take a pain killer. So basically I shouldn't really complain about getting a period. Well, I still didn't like it most of the years (hmmm.. didn't like!? I should say: hated). Probably every period that came and went meant that although I'm still in my fertile years, there's still no baby to account for.

Anyway, I was very happy a few months ago when I got my period, since it meant I could start the process. And I think I am even happier now - I missed my last ovulation due to independence day, and was very scared of the thought that I'll be missing the next one due to the festival of Shavuot (a two day non working holiday). I hoped my next peiod would come a bit late, so I might ovulate after Shavuot. But even better - getting it a bit earlier means that I most definitely should be ovulating before Shavuot, and shouldn't miss it this time!

*BCP=Birth Control Pills. I'm slowly learning these acronyms..


Michal said...

Congratulations! :-D
So be sure to follow it early enough to catch ovulation (I'm sure you will!).

You probably don't want to hear my gory stories of my period in "early days" (ages 14-18). I actually had bleedings for 90, and even 120 days! (yeah... took a very "responsible" mother to let me go for long months, bleeding, before she decided to look into it...). So I was on all sort of peels, ever since then. My syndrome was called Polycystic Ovaries (PcO).
Now, after having my two kids (and 11 frozen embryos), I could really do without my period. But now it no longer symbolizes fertility, but rather femininity (as opposed to what could have been had I allowed the doctors to take out both (and not just one) ovaries...). So I thank my period for being here, and on time (and I take a pain killer every 8 hours, on the clock, for 3 days, if I want to be bearable, even though I have a very high pain threshold...)

Billy said...

To be bleeding for 3-4 months. Wow.