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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Are painful period pains some kind of preparation for labour pains??

For about two weeks I've been having mild period pains, nothing that bothered me on my day-to day activities. Just something that was there. Funny, but for the last day or two there was nothing, and now they're back, and unusually painful. I haven't yet got my period, but with these pains, it does seem unevadable. So, at least are these pains some kind of preparation, or should I not want to know??


Inseminations too were painful (especially the last one, I was really hoping not to repeat it), but couldn't help thinking that the pain of sperm coming in is probably nothing compared to the pain of baby coming out :-(

later.. and then there was nothing.. I don't know how long it lasted, but thank god it's over..


Michal said...

You don't want to know :-D

The answer is no...
As someone who has a high pain threshold, suffers from period pains for years, and gave birth with no pain killers, I can tell you that this in NOT a preparation :-).

Didn't yet read the "signs (?)" post, but hope the pains are indeed a sign, and a sign of a good thing! Once you get the new blood test results (whatever they are), you'll be able to have a more thorough check up to see what the pains mean.

Michal said...

Oh, and one more thing... During insemination, in order to insert the tube, they sometimes pinch the side of the vagina (or whatever) to open it or get a better hold. My doctor used to tell me "this will hurt a little, like a little sting", but the experience was completely different - may legs would cave in and I was unable to control them, it was terrible. A friend told me then "that's a mild contraction". I don't know to say if she was right, but I do admit it has the same terrible characteristic of something you can't bear and don't know how you'll live through, but then when it's over you can't even describe it.
So that, maybe preparation - but for the very first contractions ;-).

Billy said...

I don't think it was that kind of pain, and by your description, probably not as painful. However it did hurt and I'm not looking forward to next insemination (twice I fell on the same doctor. I hope next time it will be another doctor who might be a bit more sensetive).

P.S - "fell" is probably wrong in English..