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Thursday, 19 June 2008


Well, they phoned from the clinic with a negative result. But was also a bit surprised that I came to do the test even though I'm not late getting my period and told me to come and have the test done again if I don't get my period by Sunday. I really don't know what to think. If the blood I saw was indeed implantation blood (and I really can't see any reason why not - I am basically a very healthy person, and it seems too much of a coincidence that at this very specific moment in my life it should indicate some ill with me) and if it appeared a week ago, then surly by now a blood test would be able to say that I'm pregnant. So.. maybe there was a beginning of an implantation, but somehow it didn't work out (the story I will stick to if indeed I've failed this cycle!).
And I'm so confused. I thought that two weeks since insemination was enough. That I don't have to wait for my period to show up (or rather not show..), but that I could come and have a test done. So should I be sad, or could I be hopeful? Is a "no" after two weeks a definite no, or maybe if my periods are a bit longer than usual I should give myself an extra day or two? It's funny, although I am definitely upset (and very moody), I don't know if to laugh or cry, if it's good news or bad news.

Anyway, in the action front I have a few possibilities:
  1. Wait till Sunday. If I don't get a period by then, go and have a blood test again on Monday morning.
  2. Like pervious clause, but before do a home pregnancy test (first would have to overcome my embarassy of buying such a thing..), and only if there is some kind of indication of a positive result go ahead and do the blood test.
  3. Wait another week and see what happens. I should be getting my period from about Monday-Wednesday. If (if!) I don't get it by Wednesday, then I could surly assume pregnangcy and take the test again.


Michal said...

I think the theory of beginning of implantation that failed is probably the right explanation... :-/
While they usually only do blood test after the period is late, I think that's the case with "regular" women, not those who know the exact date of insemination. I hope I'm wrong, but this is the story to stick to if it turns out that it didn't work.
When it doesn't work (I heard this about miscarriages at later weeks, towards week 13), they say it's probably since there was something wrong with the specific embryo and it's a good thing... they also say "now you know your body is capable of implantation". So... you can be a bit hopeful, and somewhat prepared, but in any case optimistic!

Billy said...

Not so sure. I know that due to a period which is a bit longer, pregnancy too will be a bit longer than average. So maybe 14 days is what an average woman has to wait but I shopuld wait a bit longer?
Anyway, I haven't given up hope yet!

Michal said...

Good for you :-)

(it's you who asked that I help you lower expectations... I'm all for not giving up hope yet!).