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Friday, 27 June 2008

On the positive side..

When I thought I was pregnant, one thing that concerned me was the realization that s/he will be born in March. My worries were work based - giving birth a month later would probably be O.K due to the Pesach holiday, then after that there's the summer holiday [in any case I'll be skipping August's insemination, so as not to give birth in May. If I can help it, I don't want my child and I (especially if she's a girl) to have birthdays too close together], and then there's the beginning of the year with all the holidays. So in a way I'm a bit relieved - I won't be giving birth in March.

Another positive point is that I would like to loose a bit of weight and start doing some sports. Once I'm pregnant I obviously won't be able to, should do only sports that I'm used to, and of course will be eating for two. But this is probably just a positive point for the paper since it is too hot for any sports..

On the reverse side of the previous clause, I can now have all the sushi; coffee; wine; beer; cigarettes I want! Hurray !!
So what if I hate sushi, don't like coffee, don't really drink alcohol, and.. cigarettes - please, no where near me! So what! This is a positive post, and as I'm not pregnant, should I wish to do any of the above - I sure could!

On a more serious note there's the folic acid and the prenatal tablets I am taking. I've been taking the folic acid for almost a year, but unrealizing there are different kinds, for most of this period I took the 0.4 mg. tablets, and only started on the 5 mg. a couple of months ago. Prenatal tablets I started taking very recently, around the time of the last insemination. These nutritional supplements are part of my efforts to prepare myself as best as I possibly could. So here I gained another month of preparation!

And finally, I am greatly relieved to have "managed" to put off those terrible labour pains by at least another month..


Tanya said...

I'd never heard of the 5 mg folic acid pills until I was at least half way through my pregnancy. They just said to take some and a multivitamin until I was pregnant and then switch to a prenatal.

Honestly, I think even if you have been taking some you'd be okay. Think of how many people get pregnant accidentally and haven't been taking any and their kids are still fine.

It's great that you can see the positive side of not being successful this time around. I also had the goal of losing weight before I got pregnant but finally decided that I was tired of waiting for that to happen.

Billy said...

Hi Tanya.
I'm sure that I probably would be O.K even if I got pregnant without taking anything (people had babies, and might I add - healthy ones) before the miricales of folic acid were known. But I think I would be devistated if I do get pregnant and then have to abort. I want to know that I'm doing all I possibly could in order to give birth to a healthy child.