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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Oh My God!

Went just now to the toilet, rubbed my bottom with toilet paper, and.... blood! Not flowing blood like a period, just red all over the paper, maybe like what is called a spotting. I never get spottings, and am definitely not due yet (should be getting in at least another week and a half, and my periods are regular and on time. always!). I am completely shaking.

Later (6:00): Could hardly sleep last night [and barely managed to write "could" :-D]. Was it my imagination? I don't think so, although it was a once and only thing. So does it mean implantation bleeding?? It was red while I read that usually it's pink or brown, but the timing was good (7-10 days after conception - I assume that 6 days and 12 hours could be turned into 7 full days..). I am sure it has nothing to do with my period (the timing and the amount completely don't fit). Or maybe, maybe has nothing to do with trying to conceive (TTC), and was some indication of some ill with me? Although I don't really believe that, I am really frightened of having high hopes.
And last night, all I could think of was - NO! I am completely, totally, absolutely not ready yet. My house is a total mess, haven't yet got my driving licence etc, etc.

and still later (midnight the following day..): don't and didn't at any time feel pregnant (although was of course hopefull (-:), and now have these early signs of the slowly approaching period. Errrr, why can't one just know straight away..


Michal said...

wow. I have no idea what it could be, I guess I would count the same options you did and would have no idea either.
If it stopped, then at least it's not your period.
How long before that blood test??????

(re: ready, that's why there are nine months :-). but not being ready it is also a good way to deal with these difficult highs and downs!).

Billy said...

A week. Or seven days. Or 168 hours. Or 604800 seconds.
And I thought that I wouldn't be climbing up any walls..

singletracey said...

Seriously.. I wish our ears would ring at the moment of implantation. LORDIE. Hope the wait goes quickly.

Billy said...

Thanks :-)