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Sunday, 27 July 2008

A bit annoyed. Mainly at myself. Starting to gain some understanding, and looking at the figures (lining; follicle; progesterone; E2 [unfortunately this clinic does not check LH levels] I realize that I might have been doing the inseminations a tee bit early, or at least I should have come again two days later to check the figures again and perhaps do another insemination.
When I first started and told the main nurse I would also like to know the blood test results, her reply was - why? and implied that those figures are not for laymen people like me. They know their stuff and will do the insemination at the right time. All I have to do is trust them that I am in the best of hands. Well it is a very good fertility clinic with the top doctors working there (except that it's the head nurse who makes the call as to when to inseminate), but as I answered her, I still want to know by myself how my body works. Unfortunately they do not post results on the web or volunteer it when phoning, and usually I forget to ask. So I try and ask them to photocopy my follow up sheet. Recently I got the last two (the first I got a while back), and am quite annoyed by the numbers. Feels a lot like my first driving test where I really drove great, except I passed through a green flikering light [probably my fault, but I was very much suprised to learn that not all green is green...]. Later on, on other driving tests I had, I drove terribly, but that first test, like my first and third inseminations (on the second one the numbers were all terrible, even the numbers related to the sperm), these were very close calls. If only I stopped at those lights, if only I came again two days later for another insemination.
Well anyway I am gaining knowledge. On numbers related to what the clinic checks, as on BBT (i.e my morning tempreture), CM (my cervial fluids) etc. I'm happy I now know a bit more and will have more to say as to when to have the inseminations.


Michal said...

I too drove wonderfully on my first driving test :-D. I failed as I "was too confident" and got so panicked that the second test was just terrible - the tester really tortured me and I lost all confidence for a long time...
I eventually passed the third test (after a break of a few months) but didn't dare driving and didn't drive for 10 years!
You wouldn't guess that if you saw me driving today (22 years later, driving for 12 years now).

Risking annoying you again with showing you how much we are alike... I'll say that from this, too, the conclusion is that if you don't give up it happens, as well as that it's recommended to take a break after several failures, to break the pattern...

Good luck!

Michal said...

23 years later, driving for 13 years now, actually... I keep forgetting I'm 41 :-/

Billy said...

Yes, I don't like it. I know you mean well, but to me those so called similarities just empasize how different and behind I still am. You used to have some aspects that are like me (but in a much milder version), but you are now beyond it. I am still there.

And yes, I agree with you about taking a break from time to time, but I don't think it should be too often. I had an unwanted break after my first insemination, and if the high hollidays won't be in my favour I might be forced to have another one in September (not sure when the hollidays fall this year or even when I'm due to ovulate but it's a possibillity that the two will collide), so for now I'll take August's insemination and hope for the best.