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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Surprised by my mother..

My mother has just surprised me. I already mentioned how I don't like to share, how I don't want to tell people and especially my mum when I do the inseminations because I don't want to be asked every other day - well?? do you have a result? are you pregnant already? etc.
In my last insemination I was trying to get out of the cube* of not sharing, so I asked sister #5 to come with me. Although I would have preferred her not to tell anyone, I also didn't want to ask her. It is worse when things become a secret. Unfortunately that day was the day we dealt with sister #6's problem (the discovery of how bad was the state of her malnutritioned one year old daughter who refuses eating anything but breast milk [we didn't know how serious it was till then. It is now under care.] together with her being very freshly pregnant). So telephones were going on all day between family members about what to do with sister #6 and if she should abort etc, and yes, sister #5 did mention being with me in the fertility clinic..
So people knew about my insemination, among them my mother. Of all people, it's my mum I dread most of knowing details of my inseminations since she can really bug with questions. Anyway, when she saw me she asked when will I know and added if in five weeks time. Well... hmmmmm.... yes, in five weeks I will know the outcomes. Obviously even earlier, but if she thinks five weeks, then let it be.
Well, other than that conversation, I haven't talked to her at all about it. But suddenly today she asked me when will my next treatment be. That took me completely by surprise. How did she know?? How do mothers know these things? Was I terribly grumpy and miserable?? I know that I wasn't the best on Saturday when we celebrated my niece's one year old birthday. Yes the daughter of sister #6 who wasn't really trying to conceive (not such an easy mission with the little one sleeping with her parents in the bed) but who wanted another child in the nearby future so weren't using protection. It was the first time I saw her since the news of her pregnancy came out, and it definitely wasn't easy. So did my mother pick up on that??

I was also very impressed with how she didn't bug me with any questions. She just let me be.

*Probably no such phrase in English... well, I'm sure you get what I mean..


Tanya said...

5 WEEKS! Well at least she shouldn't be asking you about it constantly. I just avoided mine when I was trying not to tell her anything.

So... how many sisters/brothers do you have? Sounds like a large family.

Oh, and the expression "outside the box" would mean going out of your comfort zone so you were very very close. The only difference would be a box is empty and a cube is solid (so kind of difficult to get inside)

Billy said...

Yes, she said 5 weeks. I guess she thought so because usually when one discovers being pregnant [not going the TTC road], one is usually 5 weeks (counting of course from last period and not from conception..).

And yes, we are a big family - I have one brother and four sisters making us a total of six. Although my numbering may be a bit miss leading since I call my youngest sister #6 when in fact I don't have six sisters, but six is her number (same with sister #5).

And thanks for the remark about getting out of the box. Yes, I believe that also in Hebrew the expression would be to get out of the box and not a cube, but hey.. one can invent new ones, can't they? :-D