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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Well actually yesterday was..
The first week is/was alright, but now in the second week I am climbing up walls waiting for an answer.
I am not waiting for a positive answer, since I'm completely sure I'm not, just want that period of mine to come so I'll have a seal on the not being pregnant. But on the other hand, I would prefer not getting a period before Sunday, because that would mean a quite short luteal stage which as I understand isn't too good.
I believe I'm not because my body totally doesn't feel pregnant; and because that as of this morning, my temperature started to drop [the one thing I kind of ignored last round because I was sure it was a mistake..]; and because it would be too good to be true after that almost completely painless insemination; and because it would be way too good to be true to be pregnant almost to the same week with my sister (whose 5 weeks pregnant). So I am not. I know that part of all this is to lessen the downfall after a negative answer, but the sad thing is that no matter how I convince myself that I'm not, I will still be very much disappointed when those drops of blood arrive. I am working on myself, showing me that it can't be, for sure it's not to be this time, but then (in the last two days) I have dreams in which I am (or more discover that I am).
I wish these next few days would just fly by..


Michal said...

Seems like at the time of insemination (be courageous enough to go for the second one) you forget how difficult it is to wait, and decide the pain/discomfort is not worth it at the time.
Shouldn't you make sure to have more than one insemination a month? There was some discussion in one of the forums, about hormones vs. several inseminations, but no hormones and only one insemination is really a way to torture yourself... :-(

Tanya said...

I'd never heard of multiple inseminations/month before I had my son. I thought everyone had only one. It does work without two if the timing is right.

Michal said...

Exactly... if the timing is right.
I think the forum discussion listed three options:
1. follow LH every day to make sure you pinpoint ovulation
2. take an Ovitral shot to ensure ovulation
3. or make 2-3 inseminations so if one missed ovulation, another will be there to meet the egg...

Sure, having just one insemination without following LH stands a chance, but the chances are much slimmer, and so there may be more of these torturing two-weeks waits.