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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Still hoping..

Still hoping that tomorrow my temperature will be back at high figures again. Although my temperature did go well down yesterday, and was even a tee bit lower today.

Still hoping that the negative result I got in the home pregnancy test was a false negative. Although I did wait to do it (I do think that false negatives are mainly caused by taking the test too early).

Still hoping to feel again that little ache in the breasts. When one is pregnant, it probably hurts and is very uncomfortable, but for me it was such a sweet pain.. Faded and gone.

Still hoping that the little brown spotting I saw over an hour ago (and since then nothing) wasn't really my period. My period.. well, yes it is quite strange, but I think I've learnt my lesson from the previous one. Maybe I am much more aware, and manage to "catch" it very ealry. Maybe it's the prenatal tablets and/or the yeasts flakes I take that cause it.

Strange how I still keep a little flame of hope in me, even when I know better.

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