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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My bank - what a treasure!

I'm being very cynical...
Well first there's the letter they want me to bring each time I come. This letter has to be from my fertility clinic stating that I am a patient of theirs and that I am taking the vial of sperm to be inseminated by them. Since by state regulations one can only take sperm vials from a bank to a known fertility clinic (i.e - you are not permitted to buy sperm and then inject it by yourself at your home. I really don't know why.), I can understand such a request on the first visit. But every time?? Why, if I really wanted to (and no, I really don't want!), I could have handed the letter, got the vial, and.... go home. As far as I know there is no coordination between the two places. Not such a biggie, just a little nuisance to remember every time to ask the doctor for this letter..

But more annoyingly is the 'discovery' that Friday and my bank is not such a good combination. At my first (and only) meeting with the bank's doctor, one of my questions was related to Friday - What if I'll need to be inseminated on Friday? [Friday here is a half day, but many places of work don't work at all (Sunday is a full working day)] He assured me that in such a case there should be no problem.
No problem indeed! Well last month I was quite in shock when I phoned to notify them that I might be coming on Friday to pick up the vial and they told me - hmmmm sorry, we don't work on Friday. Although yes, they did come up with a solution for me (someone who will come especially to open the bank and give me the vial), a solution that was just on paper since in the end I was inseminated on Tuesday (and of course I did inform them when I knew [a day or two before] so no one came especially for someone who wasn't there...).
And yet again the Friday issue arises. I don't really believe that I 'll have the first [notice - first! i.e - first of the double] insemination on Friday, more likely Sunday or Monday, but there is some chance, and I should be ready. So yet again I had to hear that they don't work on Fridays (from last month I had the impression that they don't work every Friday, so they do from time to time come in) and try to figure out what to do. She insisted that I'll come and take the vial on Thursday and have my fertility clinic keep it until I should use it. Except! my fertility clinic is a clinic and not a bank and doesn't have the means to store sperm vials [and take into account that I might very well not be inseminated on Friday. In which case the vial would be out of storage until Sunday - 3 whole days!]. After some calls to the bank and to the clinic, the solution for now (to be confirmed tomorrow) is for the bank to hand the vial to their IVF unit (the bank is situated in a hospital, and they do have their own fertility clinic) and should I need it, I should have no problem collecting it. My only concern is what happens if I don't - will there be someone to return it to the bank for storage?

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singletracey said...

OMgosh.. stressful! Typical of TTC though.. nothing is easy! GOOD LUCK!!