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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

IVF update

First, how cool is this:
[hmmm... how do I link the above so that you can actually see the video on my blog?]
Oh, and let me fluff my feathers for the Israeli connection - the inventor was an Israeli and it's a Dutch-Israeli company. The clip, BTW, was filmed in Tel-Aviv.

IVF updates.. Almost there! Almost excited :-). Just came from the dr (Dr. B), a very nice guy. Told me to keep updating him, but I am so not the type. Guess I'll have to put my shyness aside and learn to use the phone..
As to the question of where to do it, I was all the time thinking of facility X [which actually is how I chose the dr, (I mean beside him being a good and kind person, which was definitely important to me. I assume they are all professional, but I know I need someone who is a human), as someone who works there], but the problem is that X moved and I was beginning to think why not do it in the hospital which is close by. Well at the hospital, being a public one, any dr. will be doing the procedure. So I'm back with X and with Dr. B. Oh on the other hand X will be in a completely new building, actually hasn't opened yet (next week is the opening) so that definitely sounds like an advantage to me!

Anyway tomorrow morning I'm to go to my "kupa" (that's our health system. HMO?) and hand in the papers and hopefully be approved for IVF by Thursday [they don't work Fri-Sat]. I should be getting my period this weekend, and then if I am approved, I'll start with gonal etc. If I won't yet be approved, then I am to take BCP for two weeks, and then once I get my period start with the gonal etc [assuming of course that I will get approved by then. But why shouldn't I??]. I am also to go to X and file up there.

Regarding the method, funny but Fat Chick just had a post asking if to do ICSI or not. Personally I am not so for this procedure because of the natural selection thing, but like the comments suggested, Dr. B said that at least in the first attempt at IVF, he prefers to do both, so I'll be doing 2/3 "regular" procedure and 1/3 ICSI.

EDT (Tue 18:30) - I just got the call that they approve!!!! I was convincing my self that no reason why not, but still was afraid. And wow, they were quick! I just handed the papers in this morning (and oh, if I had known it was that easy, just go to my local branch up the road and give them some papers...), hoping to get an answer by Thurs! Oh, I am so happy :-). [and glad I won't be doing BCP]


Fat Chick said...

Oh, I am so saving money for a 3 wheeler, but I'm saving for a recumbent 3 wheeler. That way, the bike can tow more and will allow me to have up to 2 car seats on the back. They are amazing bikes, and the recumbent are VERY comfortable and go so so fast.

battynurse said...

Good luck.
It's funny how different doctors have different ideas of how cycles should go. Both docs I've used have said ICSI isn't necessary when using donor sperm since it usually doesn't have any problems with numbers and motility. Whatever works though.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad things are progressing well for you in your journey to get to IVF. I hope the IVF process goes really smoothly.

Kitty said...

Hello from Blog Bingo :)

It's great that you were approved for IVF, but I'm sorry to see in your more recent posts that you are still trying. I hope you get your BFP soon!