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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sillies Meme

[I wonder who is this person who starts all these memes and from where does he or she get all these different numbers... lol...]

O.K, so six silly things that make me smile:

  1. Watching birds flying, dancing, being merry.
  2. Looking at any other animals being themselves [should I mention that not caged animals in zoos? That is one experience my child will have to do without].
  3. Stopping to look at or smell a nice flower/plant in the street.
  4. Walking in the rain and having my hair get all wet [but only if I'm going home or nowhere in particular, otherwise I'm - oh, what will they think...]
  5. Listening to the birds singing.
  6. M&Ms. Well I hope it will make me happy. Felt like having some M&Ms, went to shop a, and no, don't have them. Neither did shop b or c. Still in the hunt for them. When did they become hard to get?? I mean I know there are more to just the yellow [yummy!] and brown packs that are sold here, but just give me my peanut M&Ms! [sis says it's a new importer]
  7. Saturday, 103FM on my radio, all day long (starting Fri night) lovely Israeli/Hebrew songs.

Was tagged for this meme by Jess (at Baby in the making).


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