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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

IVF, here I come!

First step completed!
One of the tests I needed was for HIV. I had it, but lost it (most tests results they have online, not this one), so decided to go to my sperm bank [O.K question (please ignore my blush) - does cryobank mean sperm bank? because I always thought it was a name of a bank. not so sure now since everybody seems to be going there. i mean, should i be saying cryobank?], as they should have a copy of this test. Well, no they couldn't find where they put it as it wasn't in my file. BUT, coming home and looking for the report on the biopsy I had, couldn't find that, but found my aids result.. Murphy works hard! That (not finding boob report) wasn't too bad as anyway I had to see the Dr.
Anyway, while at the bank, I wanted also to buy some more vials. Now because there's such a shortage of donors, they let you buy only two at a time, and I've used up my previous two and needed to "stock up". So I come to first lady (not sure of her job title) and ask to buy more from the same donor I had, but she says that I can't since he is now out of market (has achieved the maximum number of births permitted. I will just add that being in a small country, there is a scare of half siblings marrying). Well that sounded like a big bummer. Not that I was particular fond of him, but for starts he was the only one tested for the genetic disease I carry (which is why I chose him), meaning paying for guy to have test done, and waiting for him to come in and waiting for results. And besides - how do I choose a new donor? By what parameters do I go when I have almost completely no information? I read a lot about how difficult it is to choose between this wonderful guy and that one. I will just say that not knowing much doesn't make the choice easier! In the meantime, asking the woman in charge if possibly there is another guy who was tested, she said that no, but as an exception, she will sell me two last vials of him (but if I need to buy again, I will have to use a new donor). Phew!

Finishing collecting the tests, I went to my GP so he can go over the list and see that I have them all (they say, for eg. VDRL, but when I looked at my blood results I couldn't see such a thing. GP assured me that I have it), and give me a referral if there's something missing. Well I am actually only missing half a test (hepatitis b, I only have the one saying I don't have it, not the one that says if I'm immune). He said it shouldn't be a problem. Hope so!

And today (after finishing collecting those tests) I made the call to the doctor. But until I was answered.. Why don't they answer immediately? Don't they know I have phonephobia and that I need to build up all my courage to make that call and that I would really love to get it over and done with??? Anyway, done that.. Now I wait for my appointment next week (at 23:00!) and really really really hope that I won't be missing my next cycle (it will be a bit of a tight squeeze as I should be getting my period next weekend and I don't know how to proceed from there (the meeting, that is..), and how long it will take to get an approval.


battynurse said...

Another name (at least in the US) for the VDRL test is RPR. As far as the cryobank vs sperm bank I think either is fine. I am guessing that most of the places refer to themselves as cryobanks as it sounds more pleasing to the average person and also sort of keeps it more anonymous that way to those who have no idea what it is.

Billy said...

So I was o.k all this time calling it sperm bank.. oh, I am relieved to hear that. And if you say that also average Americans don't always know what cryobank means - double relief!
Thanks :-)

princessoftides said...

Hoping things go smoothly and you get a good result!

Anonymous said...

Hoping for you everything checks out AOK and you have smooth sailing to IVF! :)