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Friday, 26 June 2009

just thoughts concerning....... you guessed it - IVF

Thoughts of if/will I ask someone to come with me to the retrieval, and if so, who should it be. Yes, I am completely ahead of myself. But where would I be without all these small worries :-) ? [oh, and I have more, but I think the rest are mostly stuff that I'll figure out as I go along].
My first thought was no one. I can do this alone, don't need anyone to accompany me. But then someone (on a board) just happened to ask about going alone or with someone, and was explained why she should have someone with her. Which got me thinking, I probably should go with someone, at least for the first time (of course hoping first=last, but if there should be a second time, I will be wiser after this first time if alone or with someone). And I'm sure they will be more that happy to do this for me. But I still wish I could just hop in the car with my hubby and go there, and not have to concern anyone with the fact that I'm trying to conceive on my own, but yet can't really do it on my own.
Three people I'm bouncing in my head* - mum; sis #1; sis # 3. First my sisters. Sister #3 helped me quite a lot, coming with me to first appointment at the sperm bank, coming to hear results of biopsy, but here I think I'm asking a bit more. And they are both working women which would mean to cut of work, and it's not like I know in advance exactly when it will be (oh, and sis#3 has little ones at home). I really don't want to impose too much on them.
So thinking more and more of asking my mother. Don't really want her to be up my neck asking all the million and one questions she always asks, more so don't want her to ask - "Nu, anything yet?" [nu, is so not "so", but I guess that's the closest]. Kind of thinking it might be a "mums thing", and as I said in a recent post, I am rediscovering her. I did have a talk with her the other day about this IVF procedure, giving a brief explanation of what it is about (she knew only that [can't remember now..] and that it is a painful procedure..).
Oh well, still have time to think about it..

Sorry to be blogging so much about this IVF before I even started it, but it seems like this huge gigantic impossible mountain, and hey - slowly slowly, step by step, I am actually getting there, climbing over the mountain.

* I will now go to sleep imagining those three 'playing' juggling in my head. You know, every time I read someone talk about shipping (meds, vials, etc.), I have this image of a huge ship (to be precised I would say something that looks more like those old old ships with sails and all and less like a modern ship) sailing across the dry dry land.. Yes, it's probably due to the fact that we do things a bit different here, shipping is for those who order vials from out of Israel [i.e less common], plus we don't use the term "shipping", but yes, I am over imaginative..


calliope said...

I took my best friend with me to all of my ER & ET appointments. Each time she had a flower to give me afterwards. Seriously- I have this great memory of her in a sea of husbands and they all look sort of over it and she was sitting there with the most happy pink daisy ever. I would bring who you feel the most comfortable with (only because I totally needed help getting dressed after the ER!) and who will be the most supportive.

So exciting!

battynurse said...

Deciding to do IVF is a big decision. Thinking things out and planning them in advance is all part of the process. I was lucky for my ER's that I had someone volunteer both times. I was hugely appreciative of them volunteering. Whoever or what ever you decide I have big hopes for you and this cycle.

Anonymous said...

Definitely bring the person who will comfort you the most. This is a "big deal." Even if they have jobs or kids at home, I think, but you know them better. :)

Billy said...

I think I tend towards my mother.
I think my comfy level with all three "candidates" is more or less the same (different but the same), but maybe this is a good opertunity to be more open with my mother, to have her more involved and not shut her out as I tend to do.
But.... hmmmmm... forgot she'll be having some minor surgery at about the time of the ER, so I probably won't be able to ask her.

Jackie said...

Maybe you can involve one family member for the ER and another for the ET. Just a thought. The ultimate decision is who you are most comfortable with sharing this experience. Both parts are equally important and to accompany you to either would be an honor.

All the best :)

Jess said...

I'm so happy that your doing IVF!:)
I think having your mother their is a great idea!