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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Another First :-)

Just had a most wonderful massage :-). And yes, it was a first time for me. Got it as a birthday present, and today I finally went with sister #6, 5 minutes before the gift certificate won't be valid any more (oh, those procrastinators. always at the last minute..).
And a new world opened.. funny, it was not a lot like what I expected. Didn't know, for example that you have a shower before you go in (which might I add that me and sis, for lack of space and time [we were late and she was concerned about the masseurs waiting for us] had one together in the same booth). The massage itself was mostly great (especially loved when she did my feet), and I totally allowed myself to relax.
And while I was relaxing, body and mind, I was watching my kids play, and told them how soon I will be cycling again, and that perhaps we didn't really have this talk before, but that I would very much appreciate it if they (as in just the boy or just the girl or both of them. however they prefer is fine with me) would come down to earth to be born. I know that on previous occasions they were mostly unprepared (or that when they did try, something was just not right), so I was telling them now in advance, giving them the time they need to prepare.
The massage ended with the masseur thanking me. We had a bit of a chat at the beginning of the massage (where she explained how it's not a good idea to do while pregnant, especially in early pregnancy. Well one of the reasons I postponed the massage was because I wasn't sure about that, so needed to wait while cycling), but not really beyond, so it kind of surprised me when I heard her whisper something. At first I thought she was counting ("four" does sound like the "much" in - thank-you very much in Hebrew). So she touched me again with her warm hands and said it again. So I "awoke" and a wonderful massage came to an end. And you know, that little gesture, that little act of thanking me at the end of the massage (I am the one who should thank her!), turned it into nothing less than perfect!


Anonymous said...

I love massage...so glad you got to receive what sounds like a wonderful one. Hope your first won't be your last. :)

Wishing 4 One said...

Sounds heavenly...what a nice gesture too, thanking you. A great way to wake up after such a relaxing time. Good for you and so happy you enjoyed it so much! The feet are the best part to me too.

battynurse said...

Oh how I love massages. They are so truly wonderful. Glad you enjoyed yours.

Meg. said...

This was a really beautiful post. I love how you're able to commune with your sweet children.

I'm hoping they're ready to come meet you on Earth *very* soon.

(I'm given you a "One Lovely Blog" Award! Stop by my blog to check it out!)

Dora said...

Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed it. Although I disagree about not getting massages while pregnant. There are certain spots that need to be avoided, and after a certain point you can't lie on your stomach, but I have regular massages. My dr is fine with it, and my massage therapist often works on pregnant women. I've been very lucky, my chiropractor has a massage therapist on staff, so my insurance is paying for my regular 1/2 hour massages.