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Sunday, 2 August 2009


One of the things I really wanted to do, was start my pregnancy with a BMI that reads "normal". And in the last I don't know how long, I've been loosing some weight (but not reaching my goal) and then of course gaining it all back. I think I kind of given up on that notion, and before last cycle said the hell with it. But now I am here with a little over a month of waiting and not doing much, and someone on a board mentioned trying to loose weight while waiting for her next IVF, and Wishing4One had a post about not giving up, so...
4.6 kg is my target, loosing it will bring me to the desired BMI. I really would love loosing 10 more kg after that, as I will still be overweight (basically I have a thin body structure and hollow bones [don't tell me there's no such thing!*] but... with my tummy I probably look somewhat pregnant. No, wait, I do look pregnant.. ** I probably have quite a huge butt, but I'm actually not really bothered about it, and I guess boobs and thighs), but those 10 extra kilos are really not going to happen, so let me focus on the 4.6.

So two fields - food and sports. Well I'll skip the food discussion, but will mention how this week is very not loosing weight friendly:
->Sat (today) celebrated niece's 7th birthday.
->Mon a family gathering to say farewell to my eldest nephew who is enlisting.
->Tue me and sis at spa, then mother (who will be babysitting while we enjoy ourselves) will join as for a meal at a nearby restaurant.
-> Fri father is having a Friday night meal (if you read a while back, that was a tradition he was trying to bring back. It was nice at the time, but no one felt like carrying on. Anyway he is doing it for my brother and his family who are here on a visit)
->Sat (next) celebrating a birthday to my two year old niece.
[if only this week would have been during the tww, well except with no family gatherings on the last few days..]
Oh I will just add and say that while I'm by myself, I could eat the right things or I should say avoid the wrong foods, etc. But at these family gatherings and celebrations?? I am such a weak person..

So, I decided I should do some sports. I am really a very lazy energyless person, but if I want to loose weight (especially in light of this coming week), I really should do some sports, and decided I'll try running. When I was in the army, my friend and I used to do some running around the base. And maybe today I am in a worse state (after all I was about 19 at the time), but also then I was really out of shape, but we run and run and run. Funny thing is that I might have been not fit, but I did (and do?) have a strong will power. As long as she kept going, I was not about to say quit. She, on the other hand, was not going to stop before her unfit not in shape friend. So we run and run and run. At one point, after the stage where it hurts in the side, it actually becomes enjoyable (me.. saying running is enjoyable..), an elevated feeling, like I could continue forever. I would love getting that feeling again! (o.k, not really counting on it).

And I decided tonight was a good time to start. After midnight (or very early in the morning, but I am not a morning type. I am on the over hand a night owl) when the weather is cool (well cooler) and there aren't any people in the streets (though at 2:30 there were one or two cars, err..). Well to start of, if one wants to run presumably one should wear shoes. And shoes, well there should be socks too, but where are my socks??? Had to dig into my odd pair box (one advantage of running at 2:30 is that who sees you..). Can you guess I haven't worn shoes for, oh maybe like a hundred years? [though in a perfect world I would not wear anything on my feet, I do wear sandals. never flip flops and never heels (hey, I might be considered short, but I have no problem with my height {1.61 m. if you must. I think it's 5'2" or 5'3"}, and really don't need them heels..)]. So running. I thought I would start the run and just break and quit. Well I didn't, and managed to do a lap, running as slow as a turtle (or slower), and it was a short lap, but still.. I did it :-). And my legs were like jelly when I finished.. I think my aim right now should be to do the same tomorrow night and the night after that etc.

* o.k just googled it, and there is such a thing as hollow bones, not exactly sure what they mean (o.k it is way past bedtime), but I kind of doubt if it's anything close to what I mean. I would probably have to say hollow, as opposed to massive, and hollow is just my subjective feeling.

** well this story is a little bit old, but still: I was walking home from the bus stop when this religious [=marry young and have tons of children] girl with her little sister approached me and asked if I can walk with them as they were scared of the dogs. On the way she asked if I had kids, then wondered if I was married. When I answered in the negative, she gave such a look at my belly, something that read - so you are going to have a child without being married??? (but was probably too polite to ask. lol). Oh, and this incident was from the time before attempting singlemotherhood..


battynurse said...

Good luck with the running or whatever else you try. I hope you're successful.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Everyone around me is a runner, but I'm not.

So I salute you! Good luck with your goals.

Anonymous said...

Just an idea, in addition to running (or actually without any connection to the running), perhaps you should also consider to do something that you love;
And if you do not have a clue what this can be, just make list of potential things, and try them out, one by one, until you find something, this can be pottery, drama classes, cooking lessons, dancing, etc.