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Thursday, 13 August 2009

I've cracked the formula!

me + dog - glasses = cat's company

First I want to say how pride I am of myself :-), I've kept up with the running every night since I began. First night there was such an inner battle going on inside my head - I can't do it; yes you can; no, I'm quitting; just a few more strides; what was I thinking, I can't; just make it to the post distribution centre. Made it and from there it was somewhat easier. This post distribution centre [pdc for short??] is almost towards the end of the first half of the run which is slightly uphill. First runs it was my marker as to where it will start being easier. I am still running very slowly (though I guess not as slow as the first night), but hey, I'm doing it!
Anyway, the formula.. I am usually joined by Wendy, my sister's dog. Then on Friday, when somehow I left the house without my glasses (I must have gone to the toilet before leaving the house, and yes, don't ask me why but I take them off when I go to the loo..). Anyway Jupiter saw us and decided to join. Not great fun cat joining as I was all the time trying to do loops so he won't be left behind, and every time I turned around that big dog of my sister's bumps into me, jumping with excitement (hey! you can't change directions like that!), and not fun when added is me with poor eyesight trying to find the cat (who by the way likes to hide under parked cars etc. thank god he's mostly white!).
Well overall I think I do prefer running without glasses. Since that night, either Jupiter wasn't around, or he was but Wendy wasn't, either way he hasn't joined us/me since. And now today, was running with glasses as I hoped maybe to catch a shooting star*, and though Wendy came along, guess who was there but didn't join....

* Earlier tonight, I lay outside looking at the sky in search of those shooting starts (or is it falling stars?). I did manage to see two, but I was so WOW, that's amazing, I forgot to make a wish until they were gone. Damn!! :-D


battynurse said...

Good job on the running. If I tried that without glasses (or contacts) I'd probably run into a parked car. Yes my eyesight is that bad.

Wishing 4 One said...

Yeah for keeping up with the running. You know here in Cairo, when we sit on our roof my husband always sees shooting stars, i always miss them.

Billy said...

Sitting on the roof.. :-)
We have an author here I really love whose books/stories are always based on life in Iraq (which is where he came from), and there's always sitting on the roof there! Sounds so romantic sitting like that under the stars.