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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Continuing to IVF the Second

Been yesterday to see the doctor. When I had the transfer, I was kind of surprised that I didn't get a fertilization report. In my imagination I thought a short discussion will be held before the actual procedure. Well, no.. Seems that if you want to know how many cells etc, then you have to ask (when you are on the chair, half undressed, legs spread open..). But I'm thinking, besides being in an embarrassing position, maybe for those two weeks of waiting it is best not to know. I mean what good will it do if I know I had crappy embryos? It's not that I can do anything. Definitely to gain that knowledge afterwards if the transfer wasn't successful [oh, and also if it was. 'Hey kid, you were once this 8 cell....'] so as to know if and what to do differently, but while I'm on the tww it's insignificant. So yes, crappy embryos, well one was, the other was o.k but of course I'm going to look at the crappy one :-). Day 3 transfer, a 9 cell (the good one) and a 4 cell, which was 4 cells also on day 2.. I had one embryo frozen, also a 4 cells which didn't grow from previous day, but an ICSI embie. All, by the way, without fractures.
So yesterday the doctor sat with me and explained the report quite in detail. I like him :-). When I mentioned this is the last vial of my donor, he (who in another hat of his is one of the docs at my bank...) said that he'll see what he can do. Of course I am hoping we won't be needing that 'seeing', but it always helps to have some vitamin P.. And then there's the money issue. This is a doctor I am seeing privately. IUIs I did completely public, which meant whatever doctor was that day. I saw it as an advantage, like getting a second opinion every protocol. But I think for IVF I want someone to be with me from start till finish, someone who knows my case and all. Anyway so as I am seeing him privately (oh, and I will add that he was [well still is..] one of the doctors at my clinic. Yes, he has many hats..), it of course involves paying. But unlike what I read about charging for consultation and then the same amount for the retrieval and ditto for transfer, last time I only paid the one fee. Don't know if I should have paid more or what, but I should think I would have been told.. So that's very nice of him, and his fees are reasonable. Disadvantage is that my medical plan will not refund him (or at least I haven't even tried as he is not on "the list"), but oh well..

Anyway.... going now with a long protocol. At first I thought shit, this means another month of idling. But wait! It was CD 1415 yesterday. He wants me to begin at CD 20. So this month is not lost! I feel so lucky :-). I am to start with some kind of sniffing med (Synarel) [which kind of made me put a big smile on my face - such a junkie, with all the injections, and then fixing the meds to inject and now sniffing]. And then more or less the "usual". He gave me a Menopur kit (probably because he saw me looking at a Menopour leaflet while waiting in the waiting room). Well the kit.. it contains the leaflet (last time would have been great, don't really need it now) and syringes and needles (both sizes) and alcoholic pads - all of which I have plenty of and really don't need any more. But it also contained an ampule breaker! And only for that the kit is worth it. LOL .

And then there's the issues of approving the IVF. He said to try and not mention my frozen one, as they prefer doing a FET if there are any frozen. I so don't want to do a FET with that one crappy embie. Went today to the office, and not only did they approve, but they approved on the spot! Last time it took a day or so (and was very quick). Maybe because this is not the first time? Still have to have the Menopour approved (didn't want to take the prescription with me as to not to jinx it..), but they approved it last time so I hope it won't be a problem.


tireegal68 said...

wow - you MUST be living in Canada! This is not a US story at all.
It sounds like you have good health care, good docs ( albeit busy docs) and luck with the referral process too.
SO good that you don't have to wait to start again. FX for you my dear!

Wishing 4 One said...

LOL at tireegal68, yeah she is definitely NOT in the USA! All that would never happen, especially on the spot approval, heck not many insurances cover IVF in the US and if they did nothing would be on the spot, sad to say.

Well sounds like all well smooth and about this sniffing drug, how cool is that? They really make us feel like an all around junkie huh, LOL!

Anyway wishing much success with this round girl! xoxoxoxo

battynurse said...

Yay for getting the approval and all done so fast and being on your way to the next cycle! I hope the next cycle is fantastic.
Funny about you talking about the fertilization report while waiting for transfer. When I did my last IVF the only thing that bugged me was sitting there and going over what was being transferred and signing appropriate forms while I was half naked and trying desperately not to pee all over myself.

Anonymous said...

Yay on your approval! Hooray for the Israeli medical establishment! I actually know more than one couple who made aliyah in order to take advantage of the fertility treatment.

Thinking of you...glad you have such a lovely cat for support. :)

QueenYogi said...

That is wonderful! Good luck!

Nearlydawn said...

Good luck on your upcoming cycle! Sounds like you are ready to start moving this train along!

Found you from the cyclesista list.