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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Are You Pregnant?

This is a question I am always asked at my lab when I come in for a blood test. I asked once about this habit (you know, not exactly the question someone going through fertility treatments wants to hear..), and was told they were required to ask every woman who is of fertile age. The nurse at the time quickly added how she wouldn't ask a 16 year old as that won't be appropriate (she would just fill in in the computer - not pregnant). Hmm.. are blood tests handled differently in pregnant women!? because I could think of more cases where such a question is not o.k, like a woman who just had a loss or a woman who was raped or a woman who wants kids but her partner doesn't or a woman who wants kids and doesn't have a partner and doesn't yet know she can do it alone, etc.

Anyway, apparently not so smart nurse asked me this question this morning when I came in to have a Beta - aka pregnancy test - done!

Was going to carry on saying how the test revealed what I knew - that I'm not pregnant. Was going to say how I knew so from Monday. How on Sunday I was still with hope, even thinking that yes maybe I really am, and how on Monday it hit me that I'm not. Was going to talk about how I decided to do a Beta today, even if it's borderline regarding the HSG I had as part of the support as I do not want to wait until Tuesday since I know I am not (otherwise I would have done a HPT on Fri or Sat or Sun or maybe more than one test depending on result, and would have done a Beta on Tuesday allowing me to come in the next day or the day after to see if it doubles. I will remind you that weekend+Yom Kippur = lab closed on Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon). Was even going to make an appointment with doctor. Was.. I don't know if it's not so smart nurse who I should blame, or maybe it's just the internet site or maybe it's the lab's fault - but it is seven o'clock in the evening and I still don't have results!! Which probably means I will not have those results until Tuesday. Hmmm, whole point of coming in today was that I didn't want to wait with the negative answer (I figured if the HSG was still in effect, I would have a very low Beta. If by any chance I am pregnant, I'm already on day 17 since retrieval so Beta should be a nice number).

Even though from Monday I knew I am not, I still kept taking the progesterone suppositories. You know, you don't stop taking until you get an answer. Haven't yet taken today (I take it three times a day, so should have actually already had two doses by now), and I don't think I will. I know I am not pregnant, 100%. My body is very good at telling me this (btw, it was not cramps I had reported the other day, just a feeling of an approaching period..). I am just thinking if I should just verify it with a HPT or not, as they are bloody expensive and I prefer not wasting it on what I know is a negative. On the other hand...

Moral of story? Next time ask doctor to put urgent on referral!

I have been a bad blogger lately as I really was not apt to reading blogs (or my forum or really any internet activity). Sorry !

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