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Friday, 4 September 2009

Forgot to give post a title, and I am bad with titles and it's late and I'm tired and I really ought to go to bed. So I'll leave this post title-less.

Unless of course that babble above can be called a title..

This morning, I decided (well the decision part was last night :-)) to go back to running (until retrieval/transfer) as since I've stopped, I also almost stopped loosing weight. And thought I'd switch to early (very early) morning mode since I have to go to the clinic in the morning (so run, shower, clinic). Well, weighing myself later (and yes, I can become very much obsessed and weigh myself everyday) showed the same as previous day. And I was soooo tired (I really love sleeping, but hate going to sleep :-)), so decided it's not worth it. Except... was informed today that I'm to trigger at 5:00 in the morning! And thank-you guys for telling me I could probably also do it sub-q, but I'm going to do it IM (I might not be a rule follower when it comes to cooking [I am not the person to measure exactly a cup or a spoon or whatever, but when it comes to things like meds.. I'm all rules and instructions!]). And I think I can do it:-). And just want to tell you how after doing some blogging (upon return from clinic) and before heading of to work, I napped having an hour to spare and dreamt about meeting one of the bloggers on whose blog I had just commented [though I really hardly remember the dream].
So I am to trigger Sunday morning, and the retrieval will be Monday afternoon. Which would make it CD12. wow - isn't that early? I was under the impression that IVF with the suppression one takes, would cause ovulation to be later rather than earlier! I was a bit worried today when the scan showed I had a follicle of 19 (yesterday the biggest was 15!), so I guess timing's good :-)
And speaking of timing.. When I discussed with sister#5 when she can help me with the tank (I am so not taking it on a bus again. It is way too heavy, and as there is no direct bus it involves quite a few switches), I told her sometime towards the end of next week, the beginning of the week after (yes, nonetheless beginning of the week after next would be bad timing. I am terrible with timing things), and we decided on Thursday. Suddenly I had a feeling that Thursday might be a bit late, so I rescheduled it with the IVF place to Monday. Boy, was I lucky there! (I almost rescheduled to Tues..).
And Monday.. After I get on with the tank, I will have about two or three hours to kill. No point of going home, so I'll have to hang around in the area. Unfortunately I can't kill time fimding some place in the area to have lunch as I'll be on a fast.. oh well. Haven't told sis about the "new" plan, as I haven't spoken to her yet, but I think she's doing enough already, and I assume she'll be going back to work [more thinking about the procedure itself and the two hour stay afterwards]. Maybe I'll ask sis#1, or maybe I'll decide I can do it alone.

(and totally unrelated)
Have you noticed that while a female dog is called a bitch, a female cat is a queen??? I would say unfair!

In case you were wondering, that's the maximum number of charcters allowed per title!


Meg. said...

Oh goodness! I can't believe it's almost time to trigger! I'll definitely be stopping by your blog this weekend to see how you're doing.

Good luck with the IM shot! Mind over matter. =)

battynurse said...

Wow that does seem like this cycle has went by quickly. Good luck. I hope all the ride stuff etc works out ok.
I never knew about the girl cat thing. I do know that in junior high my best friend and I were in science class and the teacher said that the female dog is a bitch and what do you call a male dog? My friend blurted out bastard without raising her hand or anything. Good for a laugh if nothing else.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I had no idea there was a name for a female cat. Now that I know, it makes so much sense!

Let's hope the trigger is the start of something new and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I've always called my cat queen but I thought it was just. She is IN fact queen of my castle. :)

Love the long post title and the new banner pic.

Thinking good thoughts for you and this cycle!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL your non-title.

Good luck with the tank shlepping, and everything else, too.

Anonymous said...

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