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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Birds (show and tell #7)

Show and Tell
As I mentioned in a previous post, on a tree opposite the window from where I blog, there's a bird's nest. It is a bit too far to see with the naked eye, and it took me sometime to establish it being a nest (now beyond the knowledge, the little ones are bigger and much more moving, so it is much more clearer it's a nest.. Oh, I hope I'll be able to see flying lessons!).

And I just love watching this nest! Unfortunately this tree has decided to grow lots of leaves in the lost few days (autumn fall isn't supposed to be the season when leaves fall of a tree?) ,and now not only is it too far but also not always visible.

And I am so enthusiastic with taking pictures. Yes, I have a lot to learn, I really do not learn how to use my camera and am looking forward to doing some kind of course, but for the meantime.. And it really is fun playing around with features, and not having to worry (I trust that I can't really do damage to my camera, or so I hope :-)). As I mentioned, with the camera I also bought a wider lens, but only last week had finally the courage to try it out (nest to blame! couldn't see anything with the usual one..). So I attached it, and didn't really understand why it's not such a zoom, but oh well. and here's more or less what I got

But then the other day, as I was taking out or putting away that lens and playing around with it, I made a [please don't laugh] a discovery - if you turn the lens in the middle (and not at the end, which I did, but only made the lens somewhat wider, narrowing down everytime I tried to take a picture), well if you turn it in the middle, the lens becomes much longer! So now I'm enjoying that game :-).
See how big these baby birds are! (and oh, I had to brighten the pic because it was to dark. I really do not know how to play around with the editing features and how do you know how much to brighten and all, but I'm kink of less concerned about that..)
And did I mention how excited about the whole thing (bird nest and photographing) almost everyday I take out my camera and aim at that nest? And did I mention that that tree is right by my neighbour's house, and my camera is not far from their window? Here, this is the window right below the nest

There is another one above it.. I take these pictures feeling so embarrassed, hoping they don't think me for a peeping Tom or something..

You think I am now enthusiastic??? Wait till I do this course...

Now fly fly fly over to Mel's place, and see what the rest of the class has to show at Show & Tell!


Wishing 4 One said...

Love the nest and your pics are great! Thinking of you in your 2ww. I so hope those 2 little embabies are attaching as we speak, well as I write this. Happy holidays to you my friend, i sure hope they are happier and teh best ones ever.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are amazing photos!

Shana tova to you. Thank you for all of your support. May 5770 be a year of sweetness and love for you.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I am laughing aloud thinking about your neighbour's confused reaction if she saw you pointing a camera towards the window.

They are gorgeous shots.

Kristin said...

Extremely cool pics! I hope we get to see more amazing pictures as you discover all the wonderful features of your camera.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I totally here you about feeling like a peeping tom... I like to take pics of the flowers and trees in my neighbourhood, and I know some of my neighbours think I'm a freak!

Great pics!

HC said...

These are great pictures. Happy holidays.

Once A Mother said...

thanks for sharing these great pics with us :) I am glad you are getting such joy out of photography, and those cute birds.

Orodemniades said...

Birds are the best! Great pics, too.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Maybe you should have your neighbors read this post, lol?

Great pix. Love the subject matter.

cmay said...

Nice pictures. I used to look for "signs" during my days of fertility treatments. I had a dove's nest in my backyard and there were 2 babies in it. I thought sure I was going to have twins! But it seems just being surrounded by the fertile birds was sign enough--I had my son. Good luck! And have fun with the camera!

battynurse said...

How cool. I love watching birds. They are so fascinating.

Lynn said...

Beautiful shots! The birdies are just too cute. Hope your neighbors don't mistake you for a peeping Tom!