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Friday, 16 October 2009

Last night I bled again.. As it was much less than last time and as I now know why and what to do, I was much less concerned than last time, but apparently I'm not going to get a smooth pass into the second trimester*. As I am not really having nausea (well I am a bit, but it's so light, I won't really count it) I probably am going to have fun with bleeding..
Anyway, I am to take Gestone for the next few days and then we'll see. Gestone. That's an IM injection, and I blew it last time (with the Pregynal), so needless to say I was a bit nervous with this. I am usually o.k with needles, but it got into my mind that it will be an awfully long and thick needle, something I can not do alone. Last night I dreamt of this huge needle.. And today on the way there, I was wondering who will be able to help me with it (had two people in mind). Well I go and have a nurse give me the injection and ask her to show me. And, o.k she broke the ampule and drew the stuff, and I think as it's a long needle and you need a long one, it's probably going to be the same needle used for the shot, and then I have a look at the thickness of the thing, and OMG! But, yeah, that was just me freaking out as she then changed it into a much thinner one.. (and later, when I asked if the needles I got were o.k, she gave me both kinds, mentioning how you need a thicker than usual needle to withdraw this stuff..).
Another concern of mine was regarding the place. After today, I now know I did have the right place back then (so it was either a needle issue, or a fault with that batch or that my body doesn't respond to Pregnyal). Nevertheless, I have now marked the place :-). And yes, it was really not as terrible as I thought, and I'm sure I can do it alone (just a bit of maneuvering in front of a mirror).

* yeah, l-o-n-g time till then :-)

On my previous post I had a typo, sorry about that. I meant to ask whether I should call the fetus birdie or Birdie, as in to capitalize or not. But then I saw in the comments what word the last three letters create, and oh no! So, I think I'll go with Birdy..

Oh, and there was another thing I wanted to say on that post and forgot about. Nevermind, she will now get a post of her own..


battynurse said...

Hope any continued IM injections go well. Hang in there and hope the bleeding stops for good soon.

Quiet Dreams said...

Good luck...thinking of you and your Birdy.

rachelbk said...

Giving yourself shots sucks. I hope there aren't many more in your future!

Jess said...

That would scare me to have to do an IM shot by myself. Do you have anyone that could help you?
Thinking of you and Birdy!!


IM's are REALLY tough...once you get used to them, though, they are easy....I always did mine in my thigh...rather than the stabbing method, try just easing the needle in. Once you break the skin (which really doesn't hurt), it's easy. Also try roughing up the skin a big before giving yourself the injection..that helps to kind of numb the area...just scratch it a bunch...that should do the trick. Good luck with them!