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Sunday, 2 May 2010

May?? Already??

It can't be! I usually look forward for the month of May (my birthday month :-)) and I have double reason this time as my due date is at the end of the month, but oh wow.. Can we please be in March or February? I am totally not ready for this baby!

Not ready on the house front and not ready mentally. I am only a little girl myself, how can I be in charge of taking care of this tiny small baby? This fragile being that will count on me for everything?

Somebody posted a video on a pregnancy board of how babies are bathed in a hospital, as to why not.. Well this video was harsh with baby screaming while he is being bathed with running water from the tap in a sink, and I understand that it does not represent what happens in all or even most hospitals (though a. I will shamefully admit that this specific video was from an Israeli hospital; b. regardless I'd rather wait and have the first bath at home, under a much more relaxing environment, with me, the mother, giving the bath). Anyway this video sent me watching other YouTube videos of baby's first bath (both at home and at the hospital), and what can I say.. that's scary! Almost all the babies cried in those videos I've seen, and how do you do it, what is best? I saw some dab baby with a wet cloth while others put baby in a water filled bath. I think in both cases babies weren't too happy. And do I want to attempt first bath by myself, or do I ask for help and probably add some tension to the process?
Just a small simple procedure, one that I actually haven't given too much thought of before, but now oh my! I will soon have to not only think but know about all those small little things (nail clipping! yikes!).

And the house front.. totally not ready there! And I don't have time, I so don't have time. Please, can we be back in March or maybe February?


hopefulcc said...

Wow - only 4 more weeks to go! Congratulations, Billy!

You're right. The baby's first bath is very special. I'm a nurse and have worked in both L&D and the neonatal ICU. I always encouraged family members to help with the bath. I'm a fan of bathing one body part a time and then drying it off. It's less stress on the baby. One thing to note, babies are squirmy! Having an extra set of hands as a back up, in case you need anything, is helpful.

I hope you enjoy a comfortable last four weeks of pregnancy!

MookiePie said...

Well Happy Birthday Month to you! Or at least make sure you celebrate your Birthday Week ;)
My sister is due at the end of May too, and even though I'm not the one pregnant and about to change my life again (this is her second) I told her I'm not ready for her to have her baby girl yet. After all she'll be my "practice baby" :) And when it was February it seemed like foooooreeevvver until the due date--so I can understand why you'd want to go back there.
You'll have to let me know what you decide to do for bathing. I told my sister she has to show me on the new one and let me practice--poor little thing ;)
Again though for you--Yay to May!

Little One said...

I don't know very much about babies at all. As a teacher, I tend to work with the 7 to 10 year olds, which is the age group I feel most comfortable with. I know that my first hurdle is to get pregnant - then the official baby freakout can begin! I don't even hold babies - I'm always afraid I'll drop them. So, giving one a bath...on my own???? That is probably the most frightening thought ever. The count down is on! Best of luck to you.

battynurse said...

I know in the NICU we would often wash up the babies in a sponge bath fashion at some point but with the really sick ones it was when there was time. In mother baby yes, we did the running water thing on the head and then back into the bassinet under a warmer for the rest. We'd do one part of the body at a time and then dry off. We did it mostly to get all the blood and stuff off. Sometimes parents would want to be there and we'd be fine with that and sometimes they didn't. Whatever you decide I hope it goes well.

Anonymous said...

Farty's first bath was in the NICU a few days after his surgery, and the staff was so great, they let me do it, even helped with keeping all the iv's, leads, etc untangled and out of the way. They gave me a little basin with warm water and soft cloths. I still have the basin. The main thing is to dry them off quickly and wrap them up in something warm right away.
You are so close to meeting your little girl, and its normal to have fears and wonder what you got yourself into!

Tiara said...

So funny you would blog on this...I was obsessing over the nail clipping just recently!!

4 weeks to go...wow!! I'll work on my time reversal machine & see what I can do for you, lol ;)

Paige said...

Billy, I'm praying right now that by June 1st, you have a healthy baby and I am at the beginning of a healthy pregnancy. I'm 100% sure that you will be a great baby bather. I can't wait to read all about it.

Jess said...

My baby girl hated her bath in the hospital, but loved it at home. I haven't given her a bath myself yet and am a little scared to, but my mom has. I've been to sore to give her one, but since I am feeling better I will give her one soon.

Less than 4 weeks to go Billie! :)

S.I.F. said...

My best friend had great success with just taking both of her little ones in the tub with her. They seemed more relaxed because she was there cradling them. Neither cried for their first baths, so I think that may be the way to go!


I can't believe you're so close! And don't worry, you'll be ready for her when she comes! And all these things that you're worrying about will be just fine. You won't have to clip her nails for awhile since they'll be so fine, they just peel off when they get too long. As for baths, I always put the basin in the sink and filled it up a couple inches with lukewarm water. Then used a washcloth. Sometimes the kids liked it, sometimes they didn't, but it was a great bonding time! Nothing cuter than a naked baby! well, except when they pee on you....

MommieV said...

My Wee One's first bath was once they settled us in our room. I couldn't get up (it was only about 2 hours after my surgery) but the sink was near my bed so I could "help". I was actually glad to watch someone experienced with squirmy newborns so I could learn. They brought in a warmer and she had a really gentle touch. It was a special moment.

I would think babies would cry for their first bath no matter where/when/who - my baby cried at everything for the first little bit. Everything is so different from the dark watery womb.

As for nail clipping - get one with the little magnifying glass you can flip up. I have this one http://www.safety1st.com/usa/eng/Products/Child-Care/Hospitals-Choice/Details/51-IH134-Clear-View-Tweezers-Nail-Clipper-Combo (the nail clippers) and it makes such a difference. Being able to see those tiny nails ... the nail thing was HARD for me!