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Friday, 8 April 2011

2.5 weeks

Woke up this morning and oh, how nice! Butterfly and I have two and a half weeks [Pesach Holiday] of no nanny! Two and a half weeks of just ourselves! And while most of the time will also be without my mum who helps me a lot (she going on vacation), but I don't have to leave my girl with someone I don't trust and don't think is good enough for my daughter.
I am working, albeit less than usual, next week. Probably would have more work if I had a nanny (if they weren't sure if they want a lesson I didn't talk them into having one), but o.k. While in the interview I said this week there won't be work and she said great because she wanted to be with her kid. The other day she then mentions April being a very low pay month and I say that I am working some but less than usual, if she wants (at that point I knew of only two pupils who wanted a lesson). She said yes, but later that day talked about how it's not worth it for her. O.K, fine with me! So two and a half weeks of me and girly :-)). And when the Pesach Holiday is over, that would be two months till the end of the year, just two months.. Yes, I am looking for someone, I really do not want to continue with this woman, but I'm not sure about finding someone for the last two months.

Guess who has now learnt how to take out my USB internet connection?? "Fighting" over it I can see how probably not very long in the future we will be "fighting" over computer time. (I mean now she doesn't like my computer time as obviously I am not with her [when she sleeps!? naa, doesn't work for me. maybe I'll explain in another post, maybe not] but soon will be a time when she will want to use the computer. o.k I'm really rumbling instead of going to sleep.

Just want to finish with what a smart little girl she is - I was sitting on one side of the garden deck having breakfast with Butterfly playing by my side. She then (after groaning a bit) went all the way to the other side, to a small (children's) plastic table, stood by it and peed! She prefers peeing standing up (yes, she was with just a top) as to not to pee on herself, and she does that, stands to pee. But going all the way to the other side so she can use the table to stand? Isn't she clever?


Billy said...

don't know why it came out all one paragrph.
she's screaming.
can't fix now.

Miss X said...

I think it's wise that you are looking for a new nanny. Yours sounds lazy. If I lived close to you, I'd apply. =)

Tiara said...

Enjoy your 2.5 weeks!