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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

[a third post in a row without a title!]

Before signing off and going to sleep (which as she wakes less often now, I allow myself to stay up and not go to sleep with her, lol. Problem is I can sometimes forget myself and not go to sleep until late).

My oldest niece, she is quite (hmmm.. very) cold towards my daughter. Which, well, she actually is usually great around babies, so why? My original thought was that as this is not her first younger cousin (she is the oldest most were born in recent years) plus she has very young brother and sister (half, not from my side), maybe she's tired of all the babies around her. Next thought is that I'm not cool [and I am not cool. I know that and don't really care..], so not cool to be around my kid. And seeing her hovering over my brother's daughters when they came for a visit.. [while at the same time totally ignoring my daughter (as well as her other cousins) oh well.]. And then today I'm thinking maybe it's the name. See, she and my daughter have a very similar first name and they are both named after my grandmother. She once commented (before me annoncing the name), how she doesn't like that my cousin gave her dughter this same second name. Well tough. She (Subta as we used to call her) was my grandmother as well as my sister's (her mother..) and my cousin. Just because she was born first doesn't mean we can't also name our child after the same person.

Bath. Doing so much better! She now actually enjoys it! Loves splashing water :-) [although she does need a little nudge going in, and really doesn't like when I wash her hair and water gets in/near her eyes.
We are still having our baths outside. I do think we are ready to come in but also that it is so much more fun having a bath outside, that I think we'll stay outside as long as the weather permits.

We are nearing the end of the Pesach holiday. As much as it is hard being all day every day with her with mostly nothing special to do, I also very much like being 24/7 with her. And the joy that an hour's relief can bring :-) [i.e sister watching her while I quickly go to the shops]. We are a bit off balanced from the little schedule routine we had, so I do want to get back on track there, but so don't want to hand her over to the nanny, and not so much because she's a crap nanny (and no, that doesn't help), just because I want her all to myself!

And now for why I'm actually sitting and writing this post (it is now almost midnight. While writing I had to put her back to sleep. Unfortunatly as I wanted to be quick so that to continue writing, I didn't offer the bowl. Yes she peed and yes she is still with her wet trousers. I just prefer changing her when she's fast asleep because otherwise there will be a lot of crying and god knows when there'll be sleep again!). I wanted to tell you, tell someone, how cute she was when she woke from her (very belated, see, told you off schedule) morning nap. Ususally I'd go in and see her lying with her eyes open. And then, as soon as she sees me, what a big smile! I so love that seeing mummy smile of hers :-). Anyway I go check on her and she is still asleep (about time for her to wake) so I go back to the other room. Half a minute later I see her coming to me. That was the cutest thing ever! I never know how long she lies in bed until I come (I do think that not much as I don't hear her), but she has never done that before [and I will add that she knows only too well how to get in and out of our bed, so it's not something she's just learnt].

EDT - "and god knows when there'll be sleep again!" - I knew when I wrote it that I shouldn't. You know, jinxing. Changing her went well and I managed to lie a few minutes before.... almost quarter to two when she finally got to sleep [and even now as I'm typing she's making noises]. She just fights it and fights it and fights it. Earlier today we came home from sister, over 1/2 an hour drive [that is, with my sister driving fast..]. She was tired (and doesn't so much like being in cars), but would she sleep? Her eyes were closing from time to time, but no, she will not sleep! Instead she screamed almost the whole journey. Oh the joy. It's already 2 am now. I really liked it better when I went to sleep when she did and had a good night's sleep (even if waking often enough during the night).

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