Butterfly's Birthday

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Saturday, 30 April 2011

If I leave this space empty, then it'll be 4! consecutive posts without a title. Now how's that for a title?

Just a little video from today :-).

Oh, yeah, what I wanted to say - I think I should say nothing about the dirty shirt (orange juice and mud!) because I think it might be a bit too dark to see. So I should also not appologize for Butterfly's very messy hair (she just woke up), again probably too dark to see. Savta is grandma in Hebrew, and I am very camera shy, so I try and be out of the frame and well, don't talk (but my mum does enough talking for both of us. lol).


Tiara said...

She's just wonderful!!

Heather said...

SO cute! My girl is in the furniture moving business as well. Love all that long, thick hair! She's a lucky girl! :)

Jackie said...

She is going to be walking and talking before you know it!! Get ready, mommy :)

St Elsewhere said...

Awwww....look at that cute bum, and a table so defeated with her efforts...:-)

bunintheovenplease! said...

I very much enjoyed watching / and finding your blog - She is so cute!