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Monday, 1 August 2011

Toilet Training

(yes, she is sitting the wrong way.. very cute how she learnt to climb onto the potty, sometimes she does it the right way and sometimes the wrong. As long as she's comfy....)

I really hate having her in nappies. Not so all the bother around nappies (and.. when I do have to, not so easy putting one on her!) but just the fact that she has a nappy, that if/when she does a number two she is doing it on herself. But I wanted her to be able to stand (without holding) first. So I waited. On her first birthday, to celebrate, I bought a (well actually two) potty. Yes, time to begin!

She already had awareness as to her body wastes as we have been practicing EC from when she was 2 months old. We are far from perfect with the EC, but at least she is well aware of peeing/pooing. There are places/situations where she will not pee if she can (she can't hold too long..), like in the car or the sling or in the water etc.
Besides that, she picked up very quickly what's the potty for. So you'd think in no time I'd have a toilet trained girl.. think again! Somehow the connection - I need to pee..... potty is for peeing..... I'll go in the potty...... has not yet been made. She did once or twice go (oh, and the other morning.. waking up and getting out, while I'm still in bed, going and peeing in the potty... it was just too cute, lol) but really what happens mostly is that I either see she is about to go (mainly with the poos) or peeing, which when I quickly take her to the potty saying again and again how the potty is for peepy weepy / caky waky [yeah..] and when/if she finishes of in the potty, of course I celebrate. And yes, I do ask/tell her many times if she needs to go. So far I haven't shown too much discomfort for her misses, but maybe I should - showing her not only how I'm happy when she does it right, but how I am very not pleased when she doesn't.

I would have thought that a month of that would let the dime fall. I am determined to have her toilet trained by the winter, but sometimes it feels like we are stuck in the same place..
If I don't get it done by September, I hope (and believe) the nanny will help.. (but I really would rather not).

And while on the subject, a funny comment from her almost 2.5 cousin (boy) - while being changed for a poo nappy (and I was saying to Butterfly - look J-J is having his nappy changed, she doesn't too often see other kids with nappies..), and might I add that he is in a 'mine' stage. Well he says to her in a this is mine tone that nappies are only for boys! (seems all the girls in kindergarten (+his older sister) are already toilet trained [and Butterfly walks around the house with only a shirt])

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MookiePie said...

I hope she has it mastered in a month, but if not that the new nanny will do wonderfully for you as well. I have to say, again, this is not one of those things I'm super looking forward to ;)
Love the pic of her on her potty--how cute :)